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How to Get an Extreme Water Aerobics Workout

Learn how to get an extreme water aerobics workout from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Some workouts tips would include using a belt for flotation in the deep end. Using a belt and going in the deep end is going to give you a more intense workout. So things you can do in the deep end would include cardio and toning.

If you want to build muscle I would suggest using the weights. That's going to tone your muscles more. If you want to lose weight or burn calories you would want to do a lot more cardio exercises including the flutter kicks. You should do interval training if you want to burn the most calories. A lot of the time I make all of my participants bicycle up and back. Flutter kick the whole length of the pool using a kickboard. And I also have them do flutter kicks for intervals. It's a really great workout. Toning exercises would include weights. You can also combine cardio and the weights and get the best of both worlds with the ski machine.

Or the jumping jacks with the weights. So those are some tips to help you. Just keep them in mind. They can help you either tone or do cardio. And always keep your heart rate up. That's going to be the best workout of anything.

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