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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 3: "Armed and Dangerous"

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Armed and Dangerous" with this online demo.


Narrator: Well you picked the right place, Cole. A city that needed an honest cop like a thirsty man needed water. You heard the stories, but you weren't interested. You were here to fight the good fight, solve cases, right wrongs. But the force is like politics. There's no sitting on the fence. You have to choose sides. A brown paper envelope, or a Greyhound ticket to Palookaville. It can only ever end one way.

KGPL: All units, a 211 in progress and shots fired at Westlake Savings and Loan, 1415 Third Street. Unit to handle identify. Code Three.

Dunn: We'll take that. It's only a couple of blocks from here.

Phelps: 14 Adam calling KGPL. We'll handle the 211.

KGPL: Roger that, 14 Adam. Be advised, suspects are armed and dangerous.

Phelps: Roger, KGPL. 14 Adam en route.

Dun: Watch out for the civilians!

Robbers: Make it quick, you guys. The cops are here. We got to move it.

Dunn: Try for the front door. Keep your goddamn head down. Use the cover, Phelps. We don't know how many are in there. Take it slow. Backup will be here soon.

Phelps: LAPD! Put down your weapons. The bank is surrounded. I'm offering you a chance to...

Robbers: Not a fucking chance, copper! You come any closer, we'll cut you in half.

Dunn: That's it? We got them all? I think we got them, Cole. Should be all clear. Lieutenant Hopkins says any time you reach for the shotguns, you're either going to end up dead or wearing a citation. So I guess...

Phelps: It's okay, Ralph. You did well in there, I'm glad you had my back. A man couldn't ask for a better partner.

This kind of opportunity comes along once in a lifetime, Hank. I have to grasp it.

Hank: You have to survive it first, Cole. You heard the veterans. The Japs love to shoot officers.

Phelps: If I can make a name for myself in this war, my future...

Jack: Thinking of taking on a company of the Emperor's finest single-handed? You don't seem the Sergeant York type to me.

Phelps: When I need your opinion, Kelso, I'll ask for it.

Jack: They talk about officers like you in boot camp, Cole. They call it the Custer Syndrome. Guys who go around dreaming of fame and glory and getting all of their men killed in the process.

Phelps: Our duty is to lead, Kelso.

Jack: And their duty is to die for your wonderful future?

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