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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 6: "Buyer Beware" (2 of 4)

Check out part 7 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Buyer Beware" with this online demo.


Clovis: Oh, can I . . .?

Phelps: I'm Officer Phelps, miss. I'm here about the shooting. Did you know the victim?

Clovis: He was my boss. Mr. Gage.

Phelps: Mr. Gage's first name?

Clovis: Everett.

Phelps: And you are?

Clovis: Galletta. Clovis Galletta.

Phelps: Do you think you can tell me exactly what happened, miss?

Clovis: I look around the shops at lunch. I was in a store when Mr. Gage, my boss, burst in yelling that I'm late on my lunch.

Phelps: And?

Clovis: We came back. I was angry. I walked in front. I heard shots. I turned and saw Mr. Gage fall.

Phelps: You're lying, Miss Galletta. You know what happened and why. You're going to tell me.

Clovis: There's nothing to tell. I've done nothing wrong. How can you prove different?

Phelps: The pearl earrings, Miss Galletta. You've been paying for them for a whole year. Stop lying and tell me what happened at the jewelry store.

Clovis: Oh, God. I won't lose the earrings, will I?

Phelps: You could lose your freedom, you little fool, if you don't stop obstructing a murder investigation.

Clovis: Mr. Kalou. Edgar Kalou. He runs the jewelry store. He showed me a lovely watch. Mr. Gage bursts in. Mr. Kalou gets very angry with Mr. Gage, and they start yelling at each other. Mr. Gage tells me that all of the things in the store are junk, nickel-plated, made in Japan, and yells at me to get back to work.

Phelps: Then what happened?

Clovis: We get back here, and I hear a loud bang. Mr. Gage clutches at his back. I hear another bang and another and another. Mr. Gage falls to his knees. It looked very painful.

Phelps: Which jewelry store?

Clovis: Hartfield's, Broadway, between Fifth and Sixth.

Phelps: Did you see the person who shot Mr. Gage?

Clovis: Of course, I did. Mr. Kalou looked very angry. He kept firing the gun. He kept pulling the trigger. He threw the gun in a bin and turned and walked away.

Phelps: You make me angry, Miss Galletta. Is that what you want? Tell me why Mr. Calue shot Mr. Gage.

Clovis: Mr. Gage hates Jews. A lot of people do. It's not my fault if he has nice things.

Phelps: How many shots did you hear, Miss Galletta?

Clovis: It's difficult to remember. It sounded like there were so many, and they were so loud.

Phelps: I need you to concentrate, Miss Galletta. Even minor details can become important later on.

Clovis: Well, there was one bang, and then another, and then three very quickly, close together. Five.

Phelps: Thank you for your help, m'am. You've been very brave. We'll need you to make a formal statement about what happened to Mr. Gage.

Clovis: Does that mean I can still collect my, my . . . never mind. Yes, officer, I'll make a statement.

Tate: We have the murder weapon.

Phelps: And the murderer. Girl saw it all. Our killer works at a jewelry store called Hartfield's.

Tate: That's a couple of blocks from here.

Phelps: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Officer: Tate, maintain the perimeter.

Phelps: You're behind the wheel.

Tate: All right, all right. Yes, it's a dead person.

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