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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 9: "The Driver's Seat" (1 of 4)

Check out part 10 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Driver's Seat" with this online demo.


Fleischer: Here's your new desk, kid. You're on Traffic. The hot sheet is posted here next to the map.

Phelps: What's his problem?

Fleischer: That's Biggs. He's an institution.

Phelps: So this is what all the fuss is about. Why couldn't they build a freeway that goes past my place?

Fleischer: They haven't even approved the money yet, kid. The bond issue won't be till December. It will be years before any of this will happen. Here's your new partner, Stefan Bekowsky.

Bekowsky: I've heard all about you, Phelps. You go easy on me and let me earn the odd citation and maybe we will get along fine.

Phelps: I'm here to learn, Detective.

Bekowsky: He's an intense one, isn't he, Mel?

Earle: Who's intense?

Bekowsky: The newly minted detective here, Cole Phelps.

Earle: Hi, Phelps. I'll be keeping an eye on you. I could spend a little time basking in reflected glory. Would make a change from busting hookers and dope fiends.

Phelps: Who was that, Commander?

Commander: Roy Earle. Chief Detective in Ad Vice.

Phelps: Do they all dress like movie stars?

Bekowsky: Roy is a movie star, and the whole of the seedy side of LA is his audience.

Phelps: What is that supposed to mean?

Bekowsky: Stick with me, kid. You'll find out.

Captain Leary: And now some house keeping. Warm central devision welcome for Detective Cole Phelps. Some of you guys may know Phelps, he's the cop who broke the jewellery store murder. Stand up and take a bow, Phelps.

Phelps: If it's alright with you, sir . . .

Captain Leary: That's an order, Phelps.

Colleague: Quiet, everybody.

Captain Leary: Phelps is one of only two serving LAPD officers who received the Silver Star during the war. Really gave it to those lousy Japanese, eh, Phelps?

Phelps: I did my best, Captain.

Captain Leary: Why are you war heroes always so modest? I've partnered Phelps with everybody's favorite Pole, Stefan Bekowsky.

Hobbes: Hope you like work, kid. Bekowsky sure as hell doesn't.

Bekowsky: That's why we have partners, right?

Captain Leary: Okay, okay, can it guys. Stick with Bekowsky. He's a good cop, and he knows Traffic inside and out. I'm going to start you out with one case. You do okay, I'll give you a couple more. You screw up, you'll be rousting vagrants and running license plates. Now get down to the PE Freight Depot, Sixth and Alameda. A patrolman called in a suspicious vehicle, signs of foul play. See what you can find out.

Bekowsky: Come on, Phelps.

Woman: He wanted to move in together when we're not even married.

Bekowsky: They really pushed you through quick, didn't they? Six years on partrol before I got this desk. You were here in five minutes.

Phelps: What do you want me to say? I didn't ask for any favours.

You know this place?

Bekowsky: Sure, near the old gas works and signal depot in the warehouse district. I'll direct. So tell me a little about yourself, Phelps.

Phelps: Are we friends now, Bekowsky?

Bekowsky: We have to work together. Don't be so touchy.

Phelps: I grew up in San Francisco. My father was in shipping. Went to college at Stanford. Did two years ROTC before Marine OCS Camp Elliott. Shipped out in early '45 as a First Lieutenant and fought in the Okinawa campaign. I was wounded and shipped back home. Did a year on the beat, and now I'm here.

Bekowsky: So you won the Silver Star?

Phelps: I don't want to talk about it.

Bekowsky: Let me get this straight, you singlehandedly killed 40 Japs on this hill in Okinawa.

Phelps: No.

Bekowsky: You were up there all night, draped in the flag, knife between your teeth, gun at the ready.

Phelps: You finished?

Bekowsky: The Emperor Hirohito himself leading the charge against you.

Phelps: I did my part, Bekowsky. What did you do?

Bekowsky: I kept the streets of LA safe for the people.

Phelps: Yeah. Now I get it. Unfit for service.

Bekowsky: Fuck you, Phelps. I earned a bravery citation during the Zooter riots.

Phelps: Sounds like you had it rough.

Bekowsky: I did my job.

Phelps: No one is saying you didn't.

Bekowsky: I did six years as a patrolman.

Phelps: That's the third time you've told me.

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