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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 10: "The Driver's Seat" (2 of 4)

Check out part 11 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Driver's Seat" with this online demo.


Officer: That you Bekowsky? Go on through. The parking lot's straight ahead.

Nate: I need to get back to work officer.

Hard: The detectives are here now you repeat to them what you told me.

Nate: I did the right thing by calling this in am just a working spit--

Hard: Just give them your story and you will be all right.

Stefan: This is your first case, Phelps. It's okay to admit it if you're stumped. You don't know what to do next just come talk to me and we will see what we can figure out.

Phelps: Thanks, Stefan. You're okay.

Hard: I'm officer Hard.

Phelps: Phelps, traffic. What have you got?

Hard: Abandoned car probably stolen. The solid citizen is Nate Wilkey he called it in.

Phelps: What gives with the corner?

Hard: There is blood all over the interior someone's copped the full broad rig but not stiff as yet.

Phelps: We have an owner for the car?

Hard: The car is registered to an Adrian Black just North of the Bunker Hill.

Phelps: All right We'll take a look around.

Hard: I'll keep Mr. Wilkey talking but don't make him wait too long. He's the restless type.

Phelps: Thirty-two years old, married, sounds like an average guy. What was he doing out here? Happier times I guess. Stenzel glasses, home repaired by the look of it. Brand name might give us something to go on. Victim looks to have lost a lot of blood. Nothing significant. Mr. F. Morgan picked up a life pig yesterday. Sir, I'm detective Phelps.

Nate: My name is Nate Wilkey.

Phelps: You found the vehicle?

Nate: Sure. Saw it just sitting there. Strange place to be parking your car. Figure I'd better take a look and then I saw all the blood so I called the police.

Phelps: Mind if I ask what you were doing out here?

Nate: Well, I work for the railway. I was on my way out to the switch and reckoned I'd take a shortcut.

Phelps: Did you see anybody else in the yard? Maybe somebody hanging around the car?

Nate: No. I hadn't seen a soul all day till you boys turned up.

Phelps: Do you know Adrian Black, Mr. Wilkey?

Nate: No sir that isn't a name I'm familiar with.

Phelps: You ever seen the car before?

Nate: Funny enough, I did. A couple of nights ago it was over there in the parking lot. I know most of the cars that are parked here regular so it kind of stood out.

Phelps: The wallet by the car was there anything in it when you arrived?

Nate: You accusing me of something, mister?

Phelps: Do you want the patrolmen to hold you down while we turn out your pockets, Mr. Wilkey?

Nate: Maybe I checked inside that wallet, not that I was going to steal anything. Maybe I took a look but there was no money in there, not even change.

Phelps: We found a steel pipe with blood on it near the car. Do you know anything about it Mr.Wilkey?

Nate: No, sir. I went straight for the law when I saw the car was full of blood.

Phelps: When you saw the blood, was it wet, bright red, or darker like it is now.

Nate: Darker, I'd say. Looked dry already.

Phelps: Thank you for your help, Mr. Wilkey. We'll contact your employer if we need anything more from you.

Nate: If you have to, I guess. I can't really spend no more time over this.

Stefan: Somebody is going to have to inform the wife, Phelps. We're done here. We'll head over there now.

Phelps: You're behind the wheel.

Stefan: Fine. Where we headed?

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