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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 13: "A Marriage Made In Heaven" (1 of 5)

Check out part 14 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Marriage Made In Heaven" with this online demo.


Captain Leary: All right, gentlemen, I just got this handed to me. A hit-and-run felony at Ray's Cafe, 208 North Los Angeles. Got a patrolman on site. The coroner's on his way. Get down there and see if you find any witnesses who can put a make on the car

Detective Hobbes: I say we bust in there and find the goddamn evidence.

Man 1: Straight through the red light. Said she never saw.

Man 2: I saved a whole year for that car.

Man 3: I want to make Homicide. You know you've made it when you get that desk.

Man 4: Coroner says it would take a week to get an ID.

Man 5: I think Watson's a really nice guy.

Man 6: I don't want to be rude, but I ain't got time for talking.

Detective Phelps: Can you drive to this one?

Detective Bekowsky: Looks like the DA is going to press charges. Anna Rodriguez might do time.

Detective Phelps: I'll speak to the DA. She's suffered enough.

Detective Bekowsky: I don't know, Cole. She's an easy make, and the DA likes convictions.

Detective Phelps: I'll convince him to let it go.

Detective Bekowsky: How will you do that?

Detective Phelps: I'll give him something better.

Patrolman: Detectives? Over here.

Detective Phelps: Cole Phelps, Traffic. What have we got?

Patrolman: Vic is a white male. Name of Lester Patterson. Walked out of the bar and into the street. Car hit over there, and he ended up here. Dead on impact by the look of it.

Detective Phelps: Have you canvassed the area?

Patrolman: The only one with anything useful to contribute is the young lady over there. She lives above the bar. Name is Shannon Perry. No, it's not a stage name. Twenty-four years old. She left Kansas to follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Detective Phelps: Is that so?

We'll take a formal statement later. Right now we're going to take a look around.

Coroner: Okay.

Phelps? You should take a look at the body.

Detective Phelps: Landed on his face and ended up here. Car must have struck him from behind.

We can notify next of kin.

Patterson has life insurance.

What have you got on the victim?

Coroner: From all reports, he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. I'll know how intoxicated once I've done the autopsy. Looking him over now, I'd say he died on impact.

Detective Phelps: What about the chest wound? Isn't that inconsistent?

Coroner: Very common in auto injuries. Look for a car with a prominent hood ornament. Those things are killers.

Detective Phelps: Body traveled a good twenty feet.

Coroner: Careful where you're stepping, Phelps. I don't come down to the station house and tap dance on your desk.

Detective Phelps: This blood is a long way from the body. The car must have been going like a bat out of hell.

A knife covered in blood.

Detective Bekowsky: Could be a steak knife. This is a hit-and-run case, Phelps. Anyone could have thrown away a kitchen knife.

Detective Phelps: In any case, we'll want Tech Services to scrub the alleyway before they bag the knife.

Patrolman: She's all yours, Detective.

Detective Phelps: Miss Perry?

Shannon: Yes?

Detective Phelps: I'm Detective Phelps. This is my partner, Detective Bekowsky.

Can you tell us what happened?

Shannon: Well, I came to the window because I heard people arguing downstairs.

Detective Phelps: Then what happened?

Shannon: I saw a car hit that poor man and knock him down the street.

Detective Phelps: What kind of car was it?

Shannon: A dark red Lincoln Continental.

Detective Phelps: Did you see the license plate?

Shannon: Only the first three letters, I'm afraid. 3C8.

Detective Phelps: Tell me more about the argument you heard.

Shannon: Well, there were two voices. A man and a woman. That's all.

Detective Phelps: Why are you holding out on us, Miss Perry?

Shannon: I'm sorry. I was hoping to tell my story to the newspapers. I'd like to get my picture in the paper. I'm trying to find work as a actress and things are pretty difficult.

Detective Bekowsky: Cough it up, sister. We don't have all night.

Shannon: The people arguing, they were husband and wife. I could tell by what she was yelling. Intimate thing. Very embarrassing for the man.

Detective Phelps: Thank you, Miss Perry. Your information has been very helpful. You can go now.

Shannon: You really think so? I hope you find that driver and put him away.

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