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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 15: "A Marriage Made In Heaven" (3 of 5)

Check out part 16 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Marriage Made In Heaven" with this online demo.


Detective Phelps: That's the son of a bitch right there. William Shelton?

Shelton: Yes.

Detective Phelps: It doesn't look good, Shelton, you packing your bags and making a run for it. You know why we're here?

Shelton: Yes, the accident.

Detective Phelps: We've got witnesses who could put this car at the scene, not to mention the physical damage. This is open and shut, Shelton.

Detective Bekowsky: That coward thinks he can run from everything.

No wonder he killed someone, driving like this.

Don't let that asshole get away.

Shelton: All right, I give up!

Detective Bekowsky: That's it. Cuff him and we're done.

Man: Goddamn!

Detective Phelps: Give it up! LAPD!

Woman: The gun, gun!

Detective Phelps: How does a vehicular manslaughter rap sound, Shelton?

Shelton: I hit him. I admit it. I just panicked. But it wasn't my fault!

Detective Phelps: What do you mean?

Shelton: The guy jumped right out in front of me. He came out of nowhere. There was nothing I could do about it.

Detective Phelps: Why didn't you stop?

Shelton: I've had accidents before.

Detective Phelps: That's it. We're done here. The DA is going to love you.

Shelton: They weren't all my fault. I'm a surveyor. I need my license for my job. There were people around. A woman and a man were standing right next to him. I thought they could get him to a hospital. I'm telling you, it's not my fault!

Detective Phelps: The guy is dead, Shelton.

Shelton: You can't be serious.

Detective Phelps: William Shelton, you're coming Downtown. We need to talk about a manslaughter charge.

Leave the coroner and the paperwork. Procedure can wait. We should probably go speak to the wife, let her know what's happening.

Detective Bekowsky: Okay. You become all heart at the prospect of paperwork, don't you?

Detective Phelps: So the wife was there when it happened, but then left the scene?

Detective Bekowsky: You're right. That's pretty unusual behavior.

Detective Phelps: She could be in shock. I saw some people do some strange things in the war after their buddies got hurt.

Detective Bekowsky: Maybe. Maybe she doesn't give a fuck. According to the patrons, her old man was a piece of work.

Detective Phelps: You don't think . . . ?

Detective Bekowsky: Phelps, the guy was run over. So it worked out well for this broad. So what? Maybe she deserved to catch a break. Who knows?

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