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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 18: "The Fallen Idol" (1 of 10)

Check out part 19 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Fallen Idol" with this online demo.


Detective Phelps: My family runs a shipping business in San Francisco. We used to have two ships a week to Tokyo. We've been in shipping for two generations, Hank. I've never been on a voyage anywhere. I feel like Odysseus in the beginning of his journey.

Hank: The Odyssey took 10 years, Cole.

Detective Phelps: This is the American century. America can rule the world after we win this war.

Hank: We need to stay alive, Cole. These men are counting on us. Have you heard what the veterans are saying to each other?

Detective Phelps: No.

Hank: Golden Gate in '48. That's four more hard years of fighting.

Captain Leary: Phelps, Bekowsky. You have a new case. Two women, possible drink drive.

Detective Bekowsky: How is that a case?

Man 1: It isn't.

Captain Leary: The broad says she was doped and that somebody tried to kill her.

Detective Phelps: Where did this take place?

Captain Leary: That's the bit you're gonna love. Right across the street.

Detective Bekowsky: What?

Captain Leary: A Chevy Styleline took a nose dive off the escarpment, fetched up underneath a Cola King billboard. Hop to it, boys. We got bad guys to catch.

Man 2: Have fun, fellas.

Man 3: Guy gave his wife the tap. I'd say all's fair in love and war.

Detective Phelps: See you later fellas. Try not to work too hard.

Detective Bekowsky: Look at you, bantering with the boys. Brings a tear to my eye watching my caterpillar grow wings.

Detective Phelps: I'm just trying to fit in.

Detective Bekowsky: Educated, hard-working, straight as an arrow. I hate to break it to you, Cole, but you'll never fit in at Central.

Cole: You can drive.

Her face looks familiar.

Detective Bekowsky: Well that's June Ballard. Tarzan's sister, Beast of the Amazon. She's married to Guy McAfee. The Captain has moved to Vegas now, but the two of them still have juice.

Detective Phelps: Phelps, traffic.

Enrique Gonzales: Detective Phelps. Hey, Bekowsky. Long time no see.

Detective Bekowsky: You could have called this in by megaphone, Enrique. Phelps, this is Enrique Gonzales. Enrique was a pretty decent middleweight.

Detective Phelps: What do we have, Gonzales?

Enrique Gonzales: Broad drives right through the empty lot and off the side of the escarpment. Her story is that a movie producer doped her and her friend and sent the car over the cliff.

Hank: Was anyone hurt?

Enrique Gonzales: The driver's beat up, but not too bad considering. If she hadn't hit that billboard, we'd be scraping both of them off the pavement. The passenger's a Jessica Hamilton. She's just a kid. She's pretty knocked around.

Detective Bekowsky: The kid going to be all right?

Enrique Gonzales: I think so. They've taken her to Central Receiving. If you want to take a look around, I can stall the ambulance.

Detective Phelps: Thanks, do that.

Enrique Gonzales: One more thing, watch out for the driver. She cuts rough.

Man 4: This ain't the red carpet, so get out of my lens.

Man 5: If you're looking for the coroner, he's down by the crash site.

Coroner: You'll want to see this, Phelps. There, laid out on the trunk. And that isn't even the best part.

Detective Phelps: They've been torn off. Where did you find them?

Coroner: They were stuffed in the young lady's handbag. I'll run a trace for semen when I get back to the lab.

Detective Phelps: She's a long way from home.

Drunk driver?

Coroner: Maybe not.

Detective Phelps: How so?

Coroner: Well, a head I found without a body piqued my interest. See what you think.

Detective Phelps: Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Heratio.

Is it real?

Coroner: No, I think it's supposed to be a replica of an Indian shrunken head. It's some kind of curio or movie prop. See the casting marks?

Detective Phelps: What's it made from?

Coroner: Plaster of Paris would be my first guess, then painted.

Detective Phelps: So we can rule out the murder angle?

Coroner: No, you can rule that in. That thing was wedging the accelerator to the floor. Whoever did it wanted these women dead.

Detective Phelps: How does someone manage to tip their ride straight off a cliff?

Detective Bekowsky: Another day, another dollar.

Detective Phelps: If the driver's in a fit state, we should ask.

Mrs. McAfee, we would like to ask you a few questions, if that's okay?

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