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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 19: "The Fallen Idol" (2 of 10)

Check out part 20 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Fallen Idol" with this online demo.


Detective Phelps: We understand that you're still suffering from the effects of the accident, Mrs. McAfee. The officer says that you claim that you were drugged. Who did this to you?

Mrs. McAfee: That rat slipped us a Mickey Finn. It's no wonder I feel so dopey. I can't remember.

Detective Phelps: It's a serious offense to withhold information from the police during a criminal investigation, madam.

Mrs. McAfee: I told you to call me June. You're making me feel like an old lady. And don't bother your handsome head about this. My husband will settle the score with Mark Bishop.

Detective Phelps: What can you tell us about the passenger in your car?

Mrs. McAfee: Jessica Hamilton. Poor Jessica. It's been a rough day for her. She's desperate to break into movies. What more can I say?

Detective Phelps: I think you're lying, Mrs. McAfee. I think something happened to Jessica yesterday before the crash.

Mrs. McAfee: I'm offended, sunshine. Do you have any proof?

Detective Phelps: Miss Hamilton's underwear were physically torn from her body.

Mrs. McAfee: She wanted to go to a casting. I took her to a casting. Whatever happened after that is between her and Mark Bishop.

Detective Phelps: You mentioned a Mark Bishop. You think he might have had something to do with this?

Mrs. McAfee: He is a movie producer. As for his involvement, you just leave it to me and my husband to worry about.

Detective Phelps: I want to know what happened between you two that made him want to commit a double murder.

Mrs. McAfee: Bishop offered me a part in his picture, then he withdrew it. Fact is, we had a deal. I pressed him on it, and this is where I end up.

Detective Phelps: We found a shrunken head. It was used to tamper with your car.

Mrs. McAfee: You see, I normally don't drive off cliffs. The last thing I remember is getting behind the wheel.

Detective Phelps: It's obviously some kind of movie prop. You must know where it came from.

Mrs. McAfee: In case you hadn't noticed, I am the talent. And the talent doesn't deal with props or set or any of that kind of stuff. Why don't you ask Mark Bishop which prop house he uses?

Detective Phelps: Mrs McAfee, I think it would be in everyone's best interest if you accompanied Patrolman Gonzales back to the receiving hospital.

Mrs. McAfee: I'm going to be okay. These guys can take me home after my lawyer and I have talked to the newshounds.

Detective Phelps: Mrs. McAfree, you are still under the influence of narcotics, and you are likely to go into shock once the drugs wear off.

Mrs. McAfee: And I thought you were a heel. It's nice of you to be concerned.

Detective Phelps: I think we're good here. Let's go see what we can shake out of the kid.

Townsperson: I swear this town is going straight to hell.

Detective Phelps: You're behind the wheel.

Detective Bekowsky: All right. Where to?

Dispatcher: KGPL to car 11K, 11-King.

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