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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 22: "The Fallen Idol" (5 of 10)

Check out part 23 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Fallen Idol" with this online demo.


Detective Phelps: I'm Detective Phelps. We received a call about a domestic disturbance in apartment 803?

Butler: Oh, you're the detectives. Listen, Mrs. Bishop's pretty upset. Take the elevator and then left down the corridor. It's the last door on the right.

Detective Bekowsky: Sounds like we're about to make it a hat trick of hysterical female witnesses.

LAPD, ma'am. Are you in danger?

Mrs. Bishop: I'm all right now. You just missed them. Horrible, awful men.

Detective Phelps: Are you injured, Mrs. . .?

Mrs. Bishop: Mrs. Bishop. Gloria Bishop. Please, come in, officers. I'll just need to sit down for a moment. Forgive me.

Detective Phelps: That's perfectly normal, ma'am.

Mrs. Bishop: Just look at this mess.

Detective Phelps: We'll take a quick search of the premises, ma'am. You take a moment to gather your thoughts.

Mrs. Bishop: I will. Thank you, Officer.

Detective Phelps: Presented to Mark. Looks like the old movie set, Downtown. Great Wall of Babylon. A replica of a replica. What do you have to do to earn $20,000? Looks like we've found our mermaid. Who are these men in the picture?

Mrs. Bishop: My husband, Mark, and Marlon Hopgood. They work together on occasion. That's Hopgood's shop.

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