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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 23: "The Fallen Idol" (6 of 10)

Check out part 24 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Fallen Idol" with this online demo.


Phelps: Those men, I think they work for Guy McAfee, do you know the name? Gloria

Gloria: No, why should I?

Phelps: June Ballard is married to Guy McAfee. Have you heard of her?

Gloria: That slut. She's been badgering my husband for days.

Phelps: Mrs. McAfee alleges that your husband tried to kill her and her friend last night. I think you should tell us what you know.

Gloria: My husband's a movie producer. This has something to do with his new picture. He doesn't include me in his business.

Phelps: June Ballard said she had a deal to be in his new picture.

Gloria: Mark repeatedly told her no. He had Joan Leslie lined up for the role. That's how he got the finance. June made all kinds of threats. She was very rude to me.

Phelps: You know June Ballard?

Gloria: We were both on the same picture a few years back. That's how I met my husband.

Phelps: Where can we find your husband, ma'am?

Gloria: He told me he would be on set, that's all I know.

Phelps: Either we find him or McAfee's people do, Mrs. Bishop. If you care for him, you should make sure that we find him first.

Gloria: I do care for him but I don't really know where he'd go if he were in trouble. Hopgood might know.

Phelps: Your husband was at a casting yesterday with a young girl?

Gloria: Not that I know of. He told me he was looking at locations. The picture's been cast.

Phelps: Jessica remembered a mermaid. The mermaid on the front of the prop store. You better come clean with me.

Gloria: This is a sick town, Detective. Are you sure you really want to know? The truth is my husband likes them young.

Phelps: And you think that's okay?

Gloria: I was 16 when I first met him. I thought he was a genius, a magician with film. I was 20 before I realized he was just a B-movie hack. But he's nothing compared to some of the monsters at these big studios. My guess is Ballard sacrificed her little friend. Happens to a lot of girls.

Phelps: Why is your husband paying Lorna Hopgood $20,000?

Gloria: Lorna? Marlon's ex-wife? Are you sure?

Phelps: Your husband looks like he's being blackmailed. They obviously have something on him if he's prepared to kill to cover it up. Why is the payment going to Hopgood and not McAfee?

Gloria: Lorna works at a check cashing place in Hollywood. You need to ask Hopgood why he needs that much money in cash.

Phelps: Your husband is in trouble. It could go easier for him if you were more helpful, Mrs. Bishop.

Gloria: He's a big boy, Detective, and so are you. This is Hollywood. There's always a deal to be done.

Phelps: Operator, give me R&I.

Operator: Putting you through now.

Phelps: Phelps, Badge 12-47.

Woman: How can I help detective?

Phelps: I need a location on a Silver Screen Prop store.

Woman: Just a moment. Silver Screen Props, corner of Third and Figueroa.

Phelps: Thank you.

Bekowsky: An aging movie star, a wannabe starlet and a movie producer's wife? We're finally rubbing shoulders with the almost rich and famous.

Phelps: And from the stories they've given us, clearly none of them can act. You drive, I need to go over the case notes.

Bekowsky: All right, where to?

Phelps: Mrs. Bishop knows more than she's letting on. She doesn't seem to realize how much trouble her husband is in. The LAPD are the least of their worries right now.

Bekowsky: Yeah, you'd think she would've gotten the hint after those hatchet men redecorated her apartment.

Phelps: Maybe she's just loyal.

Bekowsky: Or she's in on it. She didn't seem like your average giddy broad with nothing between the ears.

Phelps: She might just be trying to buy enough time for Bishop to put a couple of oceans between him and McAfee.

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