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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 25: "The Fallen Idol" (8 of 10)

Check out part 26 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Fallen Idol" with this online demo.


Phelps: You ever do any do any work for Mark Bishop?

Marlon: I mainly do work for the studios. RKO, Republic, Warner Brothers. So yeah. When Bishop is doing work for a studio, yes.

Phelps: When did you last see him?

Marlon: I'm doing work for his next picture. Still pre-production, though. Haven't seen him around here in a while.

Phelps: I know you're lying, Marlon. Bishop was here, and you know exactly what he was doing and what he left lying around afterwards.

Marlon: You come in here without a warrant, and now you start throwing your weight around?

Phelps: A 15-year-old girl told me how she was drugged and molested at a casting house. I found the Chloral Hydrate in your drinks cabinet. You give me something or I will break your fucking jaw, Hopgood.

Marlon: Bishop was here with June Ballard and the girl. A lot of producers and directors use this place. I'm not responsible for what goes on here.

Phelps: McAfee's men are looking for Bishop. We need to find him first. Any idea where he might have gone to ground?

Marlon: If he really tried to kill McAfee's wife, my advice to him would be to leave town.

Phelps: You're delivering props to Jungle Drums on 8th Street?

Marlon: Bishop is using that old run down wreck of a set. That place is dangerous, but it might be a good spot to hide.

Phelps: What's the deal with you and June Ballard?

Marlon: Look, buddy, I make props. I hardly ever meet the talent unless it's something tailor-made for them, like a sword or something.

Phelps: You and Ballard are blackmailing Bishop. That's why he cracked.

Marlon: You got nothing on me. My hands are clean on this.

Phelps: Enough. I've been in your peep room, Hopgood. I've seen your smut pictures and the camera set up. You made a movie of Jessica, I found the canister.

Marlon: The deal is I get to sell the movies to burlesque houses and private collectors. These movie guys love seeing their cocks on screen, but part of the arrangement is I never film their faces. June had me film Bishop, and then she kept the movie for insurance. He went apeshit when realized his face was front and center.

Phelps: Who has the film now?

Marlon: Who else? McAfee.

Phelps: Ballard had what she wanted. Where does the money come into it?

Marlon: What money?

Phelps: Enough of the lies.

Marlon: I told you, I get my cut selling dirty movies.

Phelps: Your ex was getting 20 large from Bishop.

Marlon: If I wanted to skim 20 from Bishop, we'd do it through the movie budget. June said she would sell him the film once the movie had wrapped, but Guy wanted cash. He's in a cash-only business. You think I had a choice in this?

Phelps: That's all for now, Hopgood. We're taking you in.

Roy: Phelps! Roy Earle, Ad Vice. Hold on a moment. This is clearly a Vice case. Have you been roughing up my informant?

Phelps: Hopgood is a Vice informer?

Roy: Yes he is, Phelps, and a very important one. Look at that mug. Have you been upsetting these two officers, Marlon?

Phelps: So we just drop it?

Roy: You do if you know what's good for you. You need to catch the movie producer before an angry husband does, from what I'm hearing.

Phelps: I'll be making a full report to the Captain, Detective.

Roy: You do that, kid. We're all very impressed with you.

Bekowsky: Let it slide, Cole. Let's get out of here.

Johnny: Detectives?

Bekowsky: Johnny Goldberg. You work for Mickey C.

Johnny: That's right, Detectives.

Phelps: You wouldn't happen to know the guys who roughed up Mrs. Bishop earlier today, by any chance?

Johnny: No, no. Not us. We don't do that kind of thing. It's the husband we'd like to talk too.

Phelps: This is a police matter. You don't want to be taken in for obstruction of justice, do you, boys?

Johnny: You could try the obstruction rap but it won't stick. We can beat that.

Phelps: You've had your 10 cents worth, gentleman.

Johnny: Bishop knows how the world works. Mrs. McAfee hits him up for a movie part, happens every day. But Bishop takes it a step too far and tries to rub out Mrs. McAfee. Naturally Guy is going to get upset.

Phelps: What made you think Bishop would be here?

Guy: We figure he might be planning a little accident for Hopgood, too. Those two guys have got some unfinished business. You let us know if you find Bishop. Guy McAfee can be a very generous man.

Phelps: I'm only going to warn you once, gentleman, to stay out of this. This is a police matter. We will be bringing Mark Bishop in to custody.

Guy: At least he's police. Kind of dumb, but polite.

Bekowsky: But I'm a lot less polite, you smug son of a bitch. So let me put it in ruder terms that even a pair of blockheads like you might understand. The only reason that you don't have bars on your windows already is because you're a small fry, and we don't waste our time on small fry.

You stay away from Bishop and you stay away from me. Is that clear enough for you, asshole? Now run along back to your boss so he can pat you on the head and tell you what good boys you are.

Phelps: I don't think they liked your little pep talk, Bekowsky.

Bekowsky: Shit, get us out of here!

Keep it steady and I'll try to bust his tires.

Phelps: They really don't want anybody getting to Bishop before they do.

Bekowsky: Enough games, Phelps. Take this guy out.

We need to lose these fools, Phelps.

Phelps: Lay into his wheel well, come on.

Bekowsky: I need to be closer, Cole.

Make a move, we're sitting ducks here.

Let's see them chase us now! On to the movie set, Phelps. Let's roll.

Christ, and they say working traffic is like watching paint dry.

Phelps: You know how to piss people off, Bekowsky.

Bekowsky: Hey, if they're prepared to gun down cops in broad daylight, McAfee really means business.

Phelps: Seems like we're the only ones who want Bishop alive.

Bekowsky: I have a good mind just let him go work on the son of the bitch. I'm about done putting my life on the line to protect some child molester.

Phelps: That's our job, unfortunately. They don't get the dole out the justice.

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