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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 28: "The Red Lipstick Murder" (1 of 6)

Check out part 29 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Red Lipstick Murder" with this online demo.


Woman: No, no, no, no! No! No! No!

Cpt. Donnelly: All right, gentlemen take your seats. Let's get this over with before lunch. Floyd Rose of the Homicide Squad has decided to take early retirement. We will all miss Floyd and the steely edge he brought to his police work. The Department has arranged a wee drink at the Galway Arms to quench the mighty thirst a man gets from 25 years of police work. Floyd's departure leaves a place at the top table and the Chief has seen fit to promote Cole Phelps from Burglary to the Homicide Desk.

Stand up, Phelps. Take a cheer. You're in the major leagues now, sonny. Rusty Galloway, a fine lawman of the old school, will be taking you under his wing. Your first case is the murder of a woman, found last night and bearing all signs of The Werewolf. Get out to the scene, lads.

Phelps: Do you have the address?

Galloway: It's been all over KGPL. It's off Temple Street, between Belmont and Glendale. I'd rather you took the wheel.

Press 1: How about a scoop from the Examiner, Galloway. You could use some good press!

Press 2: Another tramp, another message. Is The Werewolf back in business, boys?

Phelps: Do you have a mother, asshole? A sister? How about showing some respect for this poor woman? Let us do our job and Detective Galloway will give you a statement later.

Press 1: He's good, Rusty. He even sounds genuine.

Press 2: That's Phelps, guys. The war hero. Defending the honor of murdered humps.

Galloway: Get used to it, Phelps. Move it along, guys. You got your pictures, you got your headlines. Now scram!

Phelps: Patrolman, this your beat?

Patrolman Houlihan: Yes, sir. Well, part of it. Kids park here, they use it like a lover's lane. It's a working neighborhood. Some trouble, but nothing like this. It's known locally as The Moors.

Phelps: You were first on the scene?

Patrolman Houlihan: Yes, Detective.

Phelps: No one's disturbed the body?

Patrolman Houlihan: No, sir. We cleared out them vulture reporters so Pinker and the coroner could work. They're waiting to talk to you.

Phelps: Go house to house and see what you come up with. Carruthers.

Carruthers: Phelps, you make Homicide?

Phelps: Looks like it. Galloway has been making me feel welcome.

Carruthers: I bet he has.

Phelps: Has the scene been secured?

Carruthers: Patrolman Houlihan saw to it. The victim's personal effects are still where they fell.

Phelps: Cause of death?

Carruthers: Could be the head injuries. She has been badly stomped, the cuts look superficial.

Phelps: What cause the blunt force injury to the face?

Carruthers: Could be anything from a baseball bat to a lug wrench. I'll have more details after the autopsy.

Phelps: Hmm. Interesting. What about this wound on the finger?

Carruthers: Something removed, a ring most likely. I assume it was taken postmortem.

Phelps: What's the writing on the victim mean?

Carruthers: B.D. Black Dahlia. Tex? Your guess is as good as mine. Could be something to it, or could be the killer's trying to throw you off the scent. Either way, I'll run tests on the lipstick.

Phelps: Any idea of the time of death?

Carruthers: From the temperature, I'd say after midnight. I'll confirm with you later.

Phelps: What can you tell me about the shoe prints?

Carruthers: Men's size eights. Pinker lifted impressions for me to compare back at the lab.

Phelps: The victim's bag? Looks brand new. Can't be the one used on the body. Looks like some kind of puzzle or parlor game. The Bamba Club. Why steal a table lighter?

Galloway: Can we get to the Bamba? A man could die of thirst on a case like this.

Carruthers: Just when I think I've seen it all.

Phelps: Can you drive to this one?

Galloway: Fine. Where are we headed?

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