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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 30: "The Red Lipstick Murder" (3 of 6)

Check out part 31 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Red Lipstick Murder" with this online demo.


Galloway: I'll try the back door. Wait here a second. Side window's been jimmied. Looks like somebody's creeped the joint.

Phelps: Size nines. Above average for a lady. Burglar used a pry bar. Why did you kick the door in?

Galloway: If you think I'm gonna climb through a broken window in a $30 suit, you've got another thing coming, buster.

Phelps: Celine and Jacob are obviously having problems. It speaks to motive.

Galloway: Crime scene evidence still weighs against it being the husband, but Jacob could give us something to go on. If one of my ex's drank like this, she'd be feeling the back of my hand.

Phelps: Call in Burglary and get Technical Services out here. I'll talk to the neighbors.

Galloway: Don't take all day about it, Phelps. I get nasty when I'm thirsty.

Galloway. Homicide. Badge number 564. Requesting Technical Services for suspected 459 at 142 Northview.

Jennifer: I knew it wasn't safe. . .

Phelps: LAPD. Are you acquainted with Celine Henry, Mrs. . .

Jennifer: Horgan. Jennifer Horgan. I've known Celine for more than 10 years. Our children grew up together. What's going on, Officer?

Phelps: Did you see Mrs. Henry go out last night?

Jennifer: Well, I'm no busybody you understand, but Celine had been drinking. And she and poor long-suffering Jacob had a terrible row. I think Jacob may have given her a black eye. He stormed out, and she went back inside.

Phelps: Did he come back?

Jennifer: No, Celine was listening to music and shouting until she left around 10:00 p.m. She was very drunk to have been driving. But she's not the sort of person you can stop from doing something when her dander is up. What is this about, Officer? Is Celine all right?

Phelps: I'm afraid Mrs. Henry has been murdered, ma'am.

Jennifer: Murdered? Oh my God. I'm afraid I need to go and sit down.

Phelps: Tiffany. The rest of this stuff is junk. Might explain the missing ring. Let's see what Jacob has to say for himself.

Galloway: I don't think Jacob is our man, but we should see what he has to say.

Phelps: Jacob Henry had a violent argument with his wife last night. He's looking more and more likely.

Galloway: For my money, if the broad keeps the house looking like that, she probably deserved it. The Skipper says bring him in. It'll keep the hacks off our backs for a while.

Phelps: Fine by me.

Galloway: So it ain't the Werewolf killer after all. Good to see you've come to your senses, Cole.

Phelps: I always said, work the evidence. I only stipulated a connection to the BD killer as an avenue of investigation we should leave open. And as far as I'm concerned, it still is.

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