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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 34: "The Golden Butterfly" (1 of 7)

Check out part 35 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Golden Butterfly" with this online demo.


Galloway: Galloway. Got it, Skipper. Yeah, I'll bring him. He's my partner after all.

Phelps: What have we got?

Galloway: New case. White female dumped in plain sight in the grass at the end of Hill Street. Hacks are all over it, the Captain is trying to fend them off.

Phelps: That sound awfully similar...

Galloway: The first rule of police work is make no assumptions until you've seen the evidence. Skipper wants you to have your newspaper face on, college boy. I think I know the place where they found the lady. It overlooks Sunset Boulevard. Let's go.

Detective 1: Mouthpiece tore strips off, made the Grand Jury. Case was thrown out. Now the D.A. wants my head.

Detective 2: Yeah, I'm thinking of moving up to a .45. I want to put them down with one round.

Detective 3: That's that cop. Seems like a decent guy.

Detective 4: This guy must've escaped the looney bin.

Phelps: Can you drive to this one?

Galloway: You did a decent job on the Henry case, Phelps. Not bad for your first time at bat.

Phelps: Thanks, Rusty.

Galloway: But don't go getting ahead of yourself. That's one clearance under your belt. Now it's a new day with a new dead lady that needs our attention.

Phelps: And no assumptions until we see the evidence, right?

Galloway: Right. See, I knew you were a fast learner, Phelps. We might get along after all.

Cpt. Donnelly: Now boys, boys, you know as much as I do. I'll be holding a press conference once the autopsy has been completed. I have two of my finest investigators on the case, fresh from bringing down the sword of justice on the crazed sex fiend, Alonzo Mendez.

Reporter 1: Captain, aren't there similarities between this murder and the murder of Celine Henry? And of Elizabeth Short, for that matter?

Reporter 2: So you don't believe there is a crazed sex killer at large preying on women?

Cpt. Donnelly: Boys, boys, be sensible. We have the greatest police force in all the world, with the greatest scientific investigators at our disposal. How can any killer continue to beat that? Be advised, we keep the gas chamber at San Quentin primed for the sons of Cain who continue to believe they can take a life in the City of Angels.

Reporter 1: Yeah, right. Any new leads in the Dahlia case?

Cpt. Donnelly: Run along, boys, and let these officers get to work. We have God's work to do here and it can't be delayed.

Phelps: What do we have, Captain?

Cpt. Donnelly: Another woman sacrificed. Speak to Carruthers. I want daily reports, gentlemen.

Gonzales: Detective, I was first on scene.

Phelps: You find her, Gonzales?

Gonzales: Not me. A family out for a stroll. I was first reporting.

Phelps: Can you show me the body?

Gonzales: It's under the pepper tree, this way.

Reporter 3: Can't be much help to you, Phelps.

Gonzales: Here she is.

Phelps: Looks like she was tied up.

Carruthers: It does at first, but that would leave a mark on her other wrist too.

Phelps: I think her watch might've been torn off. What's this mark? The cut on her finger?

Carruthers: Fourth finger, left hand. A wedding or engagement ring. Violently removed.

Phelps: The stomping angle on the Henry case, was it reported in the press?

Carruthers: Sure was. Every detail a copycat could want was there in the story.

Phelps: The ligature mark is very...

Carruthers: Distinctive. I'll do some comparisons back at the lab and get back to you.

Phelps: If the motive was robbery, why not take the money? Well, we have a name. Can you run Deidre Moller by R&I?

Gonzales: Back in a second. Detectives! R&I says a Deidre Moller of 130 North Bonnie Brae was reported missing this morning by her husband, Hugo Moller.

Galloway: What'd I tell you? Let's grab the husband, take him Downtown, and work him over. We could have this wrapped up by lunchtime.

Phelps: What about not making assumptions, and going on the evidence? So what next?

Galloway: Ignore the reporters. Just get the juice from the reporting officer and the coroner.

Carruthers: Similar MO.

Galloway: To what? The Dahlia? I don't think so.

Carruthers: Celine Henry.

Galloway: That's a closed case. This is probably another sad sack who lost his temper with a broad who wouldn't put out.

Phelps: Are you a suspect, Rusty?

Galloway: Watch your mouth, Phelps. All I'm saying is we got enough to do without reopening closed cases.

Phelps: Talk me through it, Mal.

Carruthers: Severely battered, on display. Footprints would indicate that she has been stomped. Size of the footprints would seem to indicate a smallish men's shoe. What size shoe did Mendez wear?

Galloway: You finished?

Carruthers: No, I'm not. At a glance, I would say strangulation was the cause of death. I'll need to do further tests for semen.

Galloway: Angry boyfriend. If they were married they'd be at home, not humping out here in lover's lane.

Bystander 1: This is awful.

Bystander 2: So, what's going on over there?

Bystander 3: Why can't we get any closer?

Bystander 4: Y'all seem to be standing around. Shouldn't you be working?

Phelps: You can drive.

Galloway: And where exactly are we going? There still might be some play in the boyfriend angle.

Phelps: I thought we were on our way to lock up the husband.

Galloway: If he doesn't work out, that is.

Phelps: Deidre Moller has suffered enough. More than enough. You shouldn't make disparaging comments about her without even the slightest inkling of what she was like.

Galloway: She was a woman, wasn't she? Around about my third divorce, I realized women might not be the pure angels we imagine. You're married, ain't you, Phelps?

Phelps: Don't make any insinuations about my wife.

Galloway: Hey, she's a woman.

Phelps: She's the mother of my children.

Galloway: Ha! You're a father, Cole? But can't tell me your eye don't bend.

Phelps: This conversation is over.

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