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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 36: "The Golden Butterfly" (3 of 7)

Check out part 37 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Golden Butterfly" with this online demo.


Michelle: Is this about Mommy? Daddy is trying to find her. Please tell me she's okay.

Phelps: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Michelle, but your mother is dead. Do you think you could answer a few questions for us?

Michelle: I could try.

Phelps: Some of your mothers jewelry was missing. Can you describe her things?

Michelle: A ring, a watch. I never paid much attention to that stuff.

Phelps: I know it's painful, Michelle, but this may be important. She wore a wedding ring?

Michelle: Mommy chose it herself. A rose gold wedding band and a matching diamond and ruby engagement ring.

Phelps: She wore a watch?

Michelle: Yes. A yellow gold Elgin watch. Daddy bought it for her birthday. They had a fight. It was a make up present.

Phelps: When did you last see your mother?

Michelle: Yesterday afternoon. I went to a dance at Belmont High. Mommy was supposed to pick me up but she didn't show.

Phelps: So what did you do then?

Michelle: I was upset. Daddy came instead.

Phelps: So you were hanging around the school for quite a while? What happened with your father?

Michelle: I don't know. I called and called and finally he answered. He straight away then.

Phelps: Your mom and dad are happily married?

Michelle: What are you saying? Of course they are.

Phelps: They weren't happy, were they, Michelle? Did your father ever hit your mother?

Michelle: Just the once. She said she would leave him if he ever did it again. He bought her a broach pin to make up for it. Mommy always wore her golden butterfly.

Phelps: Thanks, Miss Moller. You have been very brave.

Hugo: Hey! What gives?

Michelle: Daddy, the police are here.

Hugo: Go to your room please, Michelle. I'll talk to the policemen.

Michelle: Daddy, Mommy is gone and.

Hugo: Go to your room, young lady. She's not even out of school. You can't come in here, interrogating her like she's some kind of...

Phelps: Your wife was found murdered this morning.

Hugo: Found? What? But she only...

Phelps: We have some questions that we would like to ask you.

Hugo: Sure, yeah. I'll do my best.

Phelps: What size shoe do you wear, Mr. Moller?

Hugo: Why do you ask?

Phelps: It's routine, sir. Simple process of elimination.

Hugo: Nines, I think.

Phelps: Why are you lying to me, Mr. Moller?

Hugo: Why would I lie to you at a time like this?

Phelps: That's funny, the work boots we found here are size eights. Why lie about it if you've got nothing to hide?

Hugo: Because I always get teased about the size of my feet. You know, small feet, small...

Galloway: Always been true in my experience.

Phelps: You phoned in a missing persons report this morning?

Hugo: Yeah, that's right. My wife didn't come home last night. She left around 9:30. Michelle was at a dance. She called me to let me know that Deidre didn't turn up.

Phelps: Did your wife ever go out by herself? To bars? Nightclubs?

Hugo: No. What are you suggesting? You suggesting my wife's loose? Now is not the time for you to be pushing me, mister.

Phelps: Your daughter said you were having an argument?

Hugo: We argued about who would pick up Michelle. I worked a full day. I wanted to come home and put my feet up.

Phelps: So you were here all night. You stayed in while your wife went out to pick up your daughter?

Hugo: Yes, that's correct.

Phelps: You should come clean if you're having an affair, or if there's something going on.

Hugo: I told you I was here. Are you saying I wasn't?

Phelps: So why did you take so long to answer when your daughter called?

Hugo: Okay, I went out for a while. I was driving around. It's my way of relaxing.

Phelps: Your wife was beaten then strangled. In your case, you have no alibi and a history of violence towards your wife.

Hugo: That's not true. Goddamn it!

Phelps: It is true, Hugo. You're a violent man. You tried to keep a lid on it at home, but sometimes you lost control. Your daughter and your wife were scared of you.

Hugo: you don't know anything about me.

Phelps: I know about the golden butterfly, Hugo. And how you bought your wife off the last time you hurt her.

Hugo: She liked to spend money, all right? Dresses, jewelry, her hair. It drove me goddamn crazy. Do I look like a Rockefeller?

Galloway: Nobody likes a cheapskate, Hugo.

Phelps: Getting hostile with us is a very bad idea, Hugo.

Hugo: I'm no murderer.

Phelps: Make some arrangements for your daughter and then present yourself to the Central Station for questioning.

Galloway: You have got to be kidding me, Phelps! Put the cuffs on him!

Hugo: This is an outrage. I didn't kill my wife.

Phelps: Your daughter is in the next room, Moller, so I'm giving you a break. Don't make me change my mind. And don't make me come looking for you.

Galloway: We should go back in there and bust his ass.

Phelps: One, we need to break his alibi. Check phone records, canvas the neighbors. Two, we have motive of domestic violence, which probably goes for half the men in L.A. Three, we have no evidence tying him to the crime scene.

Neighbor: Hello, Detective!

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