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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 38: "The Golden Butterfly" (5 of 7)

Check out part 39 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Golden Butterfly" with this online demo.


Carruthers: Phelps, Rusty. Thanks for coming.

Phelps: Can you blood type the shoes that we bagged and see if they are a match?

Carruthers: Sure. It'll all be in the report, but I'm assuming you want the details now?

Phelps: Please. Cause of death is strangulation?

Carruthers: Correct. Take a look at the samples on the bench.

Phelps: What are the normal uses for that kind of rope?

Galloway: On boats, mooring lines.

Carruthers: Correct. Although Ray says that they're sometimes used as bell ropes in churches.

Phelps: So are we looking for a sailor or a minister?

Carruthers: Well, in my experience, sailors seem to have the greater libido.

Phelps: Was Mrs. Moller criminally attacked?

Carruthers: No external or internal traces of semen.

Phelps: Thanks, Mal. Anything else comes up you let us know.

The shoe prints?

Carruthers: Size eights. Very similar to the impression from the Henry case.

Galloway: Now, who do we remember got caught with bloody size eights? I think we have our bird.

Phelps: You drive. I need to go over the case notes.

Galloway: Fine. Where are we headed?

Not exactly the happiest of places, the Coroner's office.

Phelps: Carruthers is a good man, professional, diligent. If you're working with a pro, it's easy to overlook the grim realities of a place like that.

Galloway: Funny job that, the coroners.

Phelps: How so?

Galloway: You don't want them enjoying their work too much. The wrong kind of man can get awfully lonely railing around a joint full of corpses.

Phelps: Rusty, that's like something out of the pulps.

Galloway: You been reading the same ones as me?

Phelps: I thought you were usually too drunk to get through a magazine.

Rusty: You know, if I close one eye and squint, you can just about make out the print.

Phelps: This is the car?

Officer: Yes sir, Detective.

Phelps: Have you looked it over?

Officer: Superficially. I was told to wait for you guys.

Phelps: Thanks. We'll take it from here.

What time did you see the person park the car?

Man: Late last night after school social. Maybe 1:00 a.m. I've been keeping a good eye lately. We've had problems with the child a child molester.

Phelps: And this was the same man?

Man: I don't know, sir. I'd like to say yes, but truth is, it was pretty dark.

Phelps: All right. Tell me about this man you have been having trouble with.

Man: He hangs near the playground, tries to befriend the children. He was around here last night before the dance.

Phelps: Is he violent?

Man: Yes, sir, I would say so, yes. There's the son of a bitch now. Hey you!

Galloway: Go. Phelps! I'll take the car and see if I can cut him off.

Phelps: What's your name?

Eli: Who's asking?

Phelps: We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Eli: Name's Eli Rooney.

Phelps: You've been in trouble with the law before, Eli?

Eli: Some.

Phelps: What are you doing around here?

Eli: I like to keep an eye on the children.

Phelps: Strictly paternal, is it, Eli?

Eli: Don't sass me, boy.

Phelps: A woman was abducted here last night, Eli, and murdered.

Rusty: And I would love to make you for that, you Okie motherfucker.

Eli: Well, I wouldn't know anything about that. A woman, you say? I like them a little younger than that.

Phelps: Turn out your pockets, Eli.

Eli: Now why would I do that?

Galloway: Because I'm about to break your fucking skull, Eli.

Phelps: You're under arrest, Eli. You are in very deep trouble.

Galloway: Why bother with the paperwork, Eli? I'm going to take out my gun and I'm going to count to five. Let's see how fast you can run now.

Eli: Hang on a goddang minute! I found that thing in the parking lot.

Phelps: Get some backup out here, Rusty. We need to get this one Downtown and into a cell.

Galloway: I'll them we've get a kiddy raper coming in. They can roll out the red carpet.

Phelps: Blood and skin samples. We better get Ray Pinker out here.

Galloway: It's from a Chrysler. Could be important.

Phelps: The overalls are stenciled HM. Moller is a mechanic. I wonder what Eli does for a living.

Phelps. Badge 12-40-7.

Operator: How can I help, Detective?

Phelps: I need interrogations set up at Central for both suspects being held in the Moller homicide case.

Operator: Certainly, Detective. I'll get in touch with the Watch Commander.

Phelps: Thank you.

You can drive.

Galloway: And where exactly are we going?

I say we make Rooney for this. I think we should lay it on him. He was near the car, he had her jewelry. The DA will love him for it.

Phelps: Even if he didn't do it?

Galloway: Who cares whether he did it? You have kids, Phelps? He needs to be taken permanently out of harm's way.

Phelps: And we let Moller slide?

Galloway: For a while. He gets a free pass for now.

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