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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 40: "The Golden Butterfly" (7 of 7)

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Golden Butterfly" with this online demo.


Phelps: Captain, we were on our way to interview Eli Rooney.

Captain: Yes, Phelps. I know. This particular fiend is an old acquaintance. I have tried to reaffirm his belief in a wrathful and terrible God. Whichever way it goes, I'll be dealing personally with him.

Phelps: You look like you've had it rough.

Eli: You see me asking for your sympathy, boy?

Phelps: What size boot do you wear, Eli?

Eli: Kind of like anything I can get my hands on. I'm wearing elevens.

Phelps: You're maybe five-five, five-six tops. And you wear size elevens? I don't think so, Eli.

Eli: That might be on the large side. Maybe tens.

Phelps: Maybe eights.

Eli: Now that I come to think of it.

Phelps: Why punish children with your iniquity, Eli?

Eli: Do you think I was never punished?

Phelps: You must know what you are doing is evil.

Eli: Well, son. Nobody's perfect.

Phelps: You're down on your luck, Eli?

Eli: I've had worse. My family ate roadkill during the Dust Bowl.

Phelps: But you have a job. A parolee has to have a job, correct?

Eli: I had me a job, down in San Pedro. I'm looking for something new.

Phelps: This place you worked have a name?

Eli: Hennessy Marine. You can't miss the place. Big yellow letters HM out front.

Phelps: They give you any workwear, Eli?

Eli: Sure. Green coverall. Dang thing was hot. Felt like I was back in the pen wearing it.

Phelps: You ever tie up any of your victims, Eli?

Eli: That's not a nice thing to go calling them.

Phelps: What would you call them?

Eli: I can't say. I learned a long time ago not to go talking about the things I like. Talking about it just seems to get people's dander up.

Galloway: Answer the goddamn question, Rooney, before I brain you.

Eli: See what I mean? Short answer is yes.

Phelps: You have any preference regarding rope, Eli?

Eli: I know a good rope from a bad rope, if that's what you mean. That's not what you mean, is it? Any old rope would do me fine.

Phelps: Farm boy like you, Eli, must prefer maguey for roping. Am I right?

Eli: I prefer braid. You tie a hitch in braid, it stays tied.

Phelps: You killed Mrs. Moller and stole her jewelry.

Eli: That ain't so. I ain't done nothing like that.

Phelps: You have no job and nowhere to live by the smell of things. And you need money. You've been in trouble before, Eli. Who do you think a jury will believe?

Eli: I've been in trouble for other things, but I ain't never killed no one. I saw that car come into the parking lot late last night. Man got changed there and then put his coveralls in the trunk. I saw him drop the butterfly in the lamplight and he strolled out, cool as you like, and I went over and I picked it up.

Phelps: Eli Rooney, I'm charging you with the first degree murder of Deidre Moller.

Eli: You want to put me back in the stir that badly, boy, you go ahead and try. I'll beat that rap. I ain't a killer.

Cpt. Donnelly: Ah Phelps, Galloway. Congratulations are at hand. Drink, boys? I think you'll receive a commendation for this one, gentlemen. In the meantime, I'll speak to the DA about expediting the passage of the case. We need swift and merciless justice for poor Deidre.

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