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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 41: "The Silk Stocking Murder" (1 of 7)

Check out part 42 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Silk Stocking Murder" with this online demo.


Cpt. Donnelly: Ah Phelps, I was just discussing with Finbarr here how well you were doing. Have a seat.

Galloway: Yeah, my real name. And you can just forget all about it.

Cpt. Donnelly: You boys have a new case. A poor Hispanic woman murdered near City Hall and left lying naked in an alleyway.

Phelps: Another naked woman, sir?

Cpt. Donnelly: Yes. We seem to have had quite a run of them since the Dahlia fiend first struck.

Galloway: Phelps is politely trying to hint that he thinks the Mendez case is hokey.

Cpt. Donnelly: Well young Phelps, you win some and you lose some in police work.

Phelps: You're happy with the Moller case, sir?

Cpt. Donnelly: Over the moon, boys. The DA couldn't be more pleased with the evidence, the witness, and the lack of an alibi. Now, get out there and catch me another sinner.

Phelps: You can drive. Can you drive to this one? You have the address?

Galloway: It's the alley of Aliso, between Los Angeles and Alameda.

Phelps: You're kidding. The next one will be opposite Central Station.

Galloway: Count yourself lucky, Phelps. Most guys would kill to land a case so close to their desk.

Phelps: Yeah, it means they can pop in to hit the office supply of hooch whenever they need it.

Galloway: You know, that ain't a bad idea. That is not a bad idea at all, Phelps.

Policeman: Detectives. They're ready to start the show. I'll take you through.

Carruthers: Oh, for Christ's sake.

Phelps: Carruthers, Pinker.

Carruthers: Cause of death is pretty apparent. We thought we'd best wait for you. When you're ready.

Phelps: The lacerations on the neck would indicate a great deal of force. Kiss the blood, BD. Another wedding ring torn from a finger. No skin under the fingernails. Only 21 years old. But why the library card? Did he want us to find it?

The evidence in the Moller case was solid. I'm not convinced about Mendez.

Galloway: Best way to get away with murder is to pin it on somebody else. I'll be a month's salary this is a copycat.

Pinker: Strangled, battered, naked...

Galloway: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know the MO. So does every jerk who kills his wife and girlfriend, looking for a way out. I've spoken to Brown. He still believes the Dahlia perp has medical experience.

Phelps: Four women, all murdered, all put on display, all with messages.

Galloway: Moller had no message. Look, Phelps, this is getting us nowhere.

Phelps: Anything for us to go on, Mal?

Carruthers: Head injuries from contact with road. Bruising from a small man's shoe. Further blunt force trauma to the occipital region at the base of the skull. Could have been fatal but clear signs of strangulation would seem to rule it out.

Pinker: Lipstick appears to be a similar color to the other cases. I'll see if I can nail down a brand.

Phelps: If she took a blow to the head like the others, she was probably unconscious when strangled. May as well follow the trail. Antonia, huh, same as the library card. Proximity to the scene, plus the bloodstains, no way is this coincidence. On it goes.

Policeman: We kept the area pristine for you boys. Best check it out.

Phelps: House keys. Strung up like bait on a hook. You think he's trying to lead us somewhere?

Galloway: Probably all the way to City Hall, that brazen son of a bitch.

Phelps: That's got to be a code or a cipher. Where are you taking us?

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