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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 43: "The Silk Stocking Murder" (3 of 7)

Check out part 44 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Silk Stocking Murder" with this online demo.


Phelps: We have some questions, ma'am, if you're up to it.

Barbara: Yes, Detective. I'll do my best.

Phelps: Do you have any idea who might have wanted to hurt Mrs. Maldonado?

Barbara: That rat of her husband, Angel. She was serving him divorce papers.

Galloway: If I killed every wife that served me papers, I'd be a mass murdered.

Barbara: Are you being flippant, young man?

Galloway: No, ma'am.

Phelps: What can you tell us about Angel Maldonado?

Barbara: She married him when she was 17. He was cruel to her. Very cruel. She was a good girl. A little on the religious side, but a good girl.

Phelps: What time did Antonia go out yesterday?

Barbara: She left around nine.

Phelps: Do you know where she went?

Barbara: No, I have no idea. She was a good girl, but she didn't confide in me.

Phelps: A nosy old hag like you knows everything about the people who live under her roof. Where did she go?

Barbara: I think she went to a bar. She had been drinking quite a lot lately.

Phelps: This bar have a name?

Barbara: El Dorado Bar. It is a Latino place on North Los Angeles Street.

Galloway: That's only a couple blocks from where we found the body.

Phelps: You've had a break in?

Barbara: No. That can't be true.

Phelps: You are being economical with the truth, Mrs. Lapenti. What do you have to hide?

Barbara: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Phelps: So Antonia lost her keys and used an iron bar to jimmy the back window?

Barbara: I heard a noise in the early hours of the morning. I thought it might be a raccoon at the milk bottles. It would be very bad for business if this news got out. I have a reputation to protect.

Phelps: Antonia and her husband were estranged?

Barbara: Yes. She moved here after she separated from her husband two months ago.

Phelps: But Antonia still wore a wedding ring?

Barbara: She wore the wedding ring and a necklace. She always wore a religious necklace. That's about all of her jewelry.

Phelps: What about her bracelet?

Barbara: I don't know anything about a bracelet.

Phelps: In her wedding photo she's displaying a charm bracelet.

Barbara: That thing? She never wore it. He gave it to her. She always kept it in a wooden jewelry box.

Phelps: Thanks, ma'am. You have been very helpful.

Barbara: Pay a call to that husband of hers. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Galloway: We can either front Angel, seeing as finger is pointing right at him, or we can check out the El Dorado Bar.

Phelps: You know the way, you can drive.

Galloway: Fine, where are we headed. A nosey old hag? Ha!

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