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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 48: "The White Shoe Slaying" (1 of 8)

Check out part 49 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The White Shoe Slaying" with this online demo.


Man: Hey lady, get out of the road!

Cpt. Donnelly: Good morning, gentlemen, and what a grand morning it is, too. We have just cause for celebration. Galloway and Phelps are sending another fiend to San Quentin. A nice showy trial and he'll be strapped down with gas seeping into his tiny reptile brain. Now, to fresh business. Galloway and Phelps, the task is at hand. The address is on the hill, North Downtown off Fremont Avenue.

Galloway: Skipper, is the new letter genuine?

Cpt. Donnelly: Now boys, we all know how many imbeciles have confessed in the Short case. Ray Pinker will let us know in good time.

Phelps: A fine morning indeed. We keep locking them up, but the bodies keep pilling up.

Galloway: Californians love a fad, Phelps. Long as the bricks hold up at San Quentin, there'll always be killers in this town to send there.

Phelps: Greetings from sunny California. When's it going to stop? First the letter and now another body. Come on, you can't keep on telling me there's not a killer still out there.

Galloway: You know, Phelps, all these arrests on your record are giving you a reputation. You don't want them turning into unsolveds.

Phelps: Getting a vicious killer off the streets is more important than my reputation.

Galloway: Really?

Phelps: And besides, landing a big fat marlin is more impressive than an ocean full of minnows.

Galloway: The minnows maketh the man, Phelps. You can't always hit home runs. Sometimes you just got to make first base.

Officer: Detectives.

Phelps: Phelps and Galloway. Homicide.

Officer 1: Scene is secure. The rest of the patrolmen are going door to door, canvassing for witnesses.

Phelps: Thanks, keep me informed.

Officer: Will do, Detective.

Phelps: This looks awfully familiar.

Carruthers: I think that's the impression the boys from the Examiner took with them as well.

Galloway: There's nothing original under the sun. Why should murder be any different?

Phelps: What do we have so far?

Pinker: Not much trace evidence to speak of. Storm blew in around 10 last night and the rain washed most of it away.

Phelps: And the body?

Carruthers: looks like she was tipped out of an automobile from the tire tracks and superficial injuries. Strangled with a length of rope. And for my money, it's triple braid again.

Phelps: Time of death?

Carruthers: From her temperature, maybe 2:00 a.m. But it was cold last night.

Phelps: The usual head injuries.

Carruthers: Blunt force trauma. Knock them over the head, then strangle and mutilate. No message with this one.

Phelps: At least she was left clothed.

Carruthers: I doubt very much he was concerned with her dignity.

Phelps: The green silk dress is very distinctive. Any sign of her other shoe?

Carruthers: No. And no handbag or other personal effects.

Phelps: There appears to be a dry-cleaning label. Superior Laundry Services F1363. No drag marks. The killer was moving around, surveying the scene. Our driver and our killer are most likely one and the same.

Officer 2: Detectives? I've been working the houses across the street and up the block. This lady thinks she has something for us.

Phelps: Detective Phelps, LAPD.

Catherine: I'm Mrs. Barton, Catherine Barton. I live just across the way.

Phelps: Did you see anyone around here last night?

Catherine: Not last night but yesterday, early evening. I saw that awful hobo.

Phelps: Do you have a description?

Catherine: Tall, gaunt, horribly disfigured. I think he may have had an accident in the war. He's a very scary, angry man.

Phelps: Any idea where we might find him?

Catherine: One of the hobo camps around here. He's some kind of hobo leader. They all follow him around.

Phelps: Thank you, ma'am. You've been a big help.

Catherine: Of course, anything I can do to help. I'd hate to think that something so ghastly could happen right here nothing be done about it.

Phelps: Phelps. 1-2-4-7.

Operator: How can I help, Detective?

Phelps: I need an address on Superior Laundry Services.

Operator: Just a moment. Superior Laundry Services, 1260 West First Street.

Phelps: Can you track down reports of hobo camps in the vicinity of Signal Hill?

Phone Operator: Just a moment, Detective. There's a large camp under the bridge on Grand between Temple and Sunset.

Phelps: Thanks, ma'am. You drive. I need to go over the case notes.

Galloway: Fine. Where are we headed? No message.

Phelps: Excuse me?

Galloway: There was no message.

Phelps: Where?

Galloway: On the vic. The last bodies had something written onto them. This one didn't.

Phelps: I'm failing to follow you.

Galloway: Can't be the same guy is what I'm saying, all right? Before you start trying to link this to Maldonado and all the others.

Phelps: There are more factors to consider than the messages, Rusty.

Galloway: This doesn't fit your pattern, Cole. End of conversation. Understand?

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