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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 49: "The White Shoe Slaying" (2 of 8)

Check out part 50 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The White Shoe Slaying" with this online demo.


Galloway: Least the rain's stopped. You can change back into those white bucks now.

Phelps: Phelps and Galloway, LAPD. We're investigating a case and one of your laundry labels came up, F1363.

Laundry Attendant: If you give me a minute, I'll go find the register and you can take a look. You take a look for yourself. I've got clothes that need pressing.

Galloway: You wrote the number down on that dress. Is it there?

Phelps: Mrs. T. Tarlardsen, 43 Emerald Street, Westlake. You can drive.

Galloway: And where exactly are we going? I've got a feeling we're about to meet another wife killer.

Phelps: You've always got that feeling, Rusty.

Galloway: Yeah, and it's usually correct.

Phelps: Please, please, for once, can you not let your assumptions color your detective work?

Galloway: Just you wait. Nordic types show a particular disposition for this stuff.

Taraldsen: Hello? Yes?

Phelps: Detectives Phelps and Galloway. Is your wife home, sir?

Taraldsen: My wife went out last night and she hasn't come home.

Phelps: Can you describe your wife and what she was wearing?

Taraldsen: We were out at a friend's place, Bobby Ross' for a party. She was kind of dolled up. She had her green silk dress, open-toed white shoes. Those are her favorite shoes.

Phelps: Can we come in Mr. Taraldsen? I'm afraid we have some rather bad news. Do you have someone who can look after your children, Mr. Taraldsen?

Taraldsen: I've been trying to arrange a sitter. Look, tell me what's happened.

Phelps: I'm afraid your wife was murdered last night. Her body was found this morning. We're very sorry for your loss. I know this is a difficult time, Mr. Taraldsen, but we are going to need you to answers some questions. First we're going to take a look around.

Taraldsen: What for? You don't think that...

Galloway: It's procedure. You see to your girls.

Taraldsen: Stay here till Daddy's finished talking to these men.

Girl 1: Where's mommy?

Taraldsen: Everything is going to be all right, sweetheart.

Girl 2: We would like Mommy to come home now, Daddy.

Galloway: What's the problem, Taraldsen? Let him search. You got nothing to hide.

Galloway: Want to hear something funny Taraldsen?

Phelps: Need to check if she was a regular.

Galloway: Some bums think filling out a missing persons report actually rules them out as a suspect.

Phelps: Baron's Bar again. Someone mus be real sweet on this dive. I wonder why the picture was turned down. If you'd excuse me, ladies. So she went out without her handbag? At least she was spared that particular indignity.

She'd have to be in quite a state to leave this behind. We could see if Pinker could match the impression to the crime scene. Lars was out in the rain last night. Looks like a match with the ligature marks. I'll be out of your way momentarily, ladies. Operator, give me Dispatch.

Operator: Putting you through now.

Phelps: Phelps, Badge 1-2-4-7.

Dispatch: How can I help, Detective?

Phelps: Can you run an address for a Bobby Ross? Then send some uniforms over.

Dispatch: Would you like him picked up?

Phelps: No. Suspect says he was with Ross last night. We need to confirm the alibi.

Dispatch: I'll get a prowl car dispatched.

Phelps: Thanks.

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