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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 52: "The White Shoe Slaying" (5 of 8)

Check out part 53 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The White Shoe Slaying" with this online demo.


Galloway: Car 11 King to KGPL.

KGPL: KGPL, go ahead, 11 King.

Galloway: I need an APB out on a Yellow Cab number 3591. Relay all sightings to 11K.

KGPL: Car 11K, we have a response on your APB regarding Yellow Cab number 3591. The vehicle has been identified at a gas station. Now heading west on Seventh Street.

Galloway: Garage on Seventh Street. Let's hit it, Phelps. The cab driver might tie this whole thing together.

Phelps: I hope you're right.

Galloway: You see our taxi anywhere?

KGPL: 11K, Yellow Cab number 3591 sighted at the corner of Wilshire and Witmer. Repeat. Wilshire and Witmer, 11K.

Galloway: Where's that cab got to now?

KGPL: 11K, further on your APB on Yellow Cab number 3591. Vehicle identified at Reggie's Cafe heading north on Witmer. KGPL clear.

Galloway: All right. So where's the cab?

KGPL: Car 11K, your suspect vehicle, Yellow Cab 3591 sighted at Sixth and Valencia.

Phelps: LAPD. We're investigating a murder.

Cab Driver: What's that got to do with me?

Phelps: The fare you picked up from Baron's Bar last night, what was the woman wearing?

Cab Driver: It was a green dress. Aw, don't tell me something's happened to her?

Phelps: Tell me about her.

Cab Driver: She was with this sailor, he was all over her. She wasn't having any of it. Said she just wanted to dance. But he had that look in his eye.

Phelps: Where did you drop them off?

Cab Driver: At the Crystal Ballroom.

Phelps: What time?

Cab Driver: After midnight, 12:30? Something like that.

Phelps: Thanks. You've been a big help.

Cab Driver: Well, that's gone and ruined my day.

Phelps: Phelps. Badge 1-2-4-7.

Operator: How can I help, Detective?

Phelps: Were there any incident reports filed in the vicinity of Baron's Bar on North Beaudry Avenue? We're tracking a sailor who was involved in a fight outside the bar.

Operator: I can check the reports, Detective. I have a message for you from Captain Donelly. Message reads: James Jessop, U.S. Navy Able Seaman, has information relevant to your case. Jessop is currently being detained at Central Station.

Phelps: Could be our man. Thanks for your help. You can drive.

Galloway: Fine. Where are we headed?

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