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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 53: "The White Shoe Slaying" (6 of 8)

Check out part 54 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The White Shoe Slaying" with this online demo.


Officer 1: He's in interview Two.

Phelps: Thanks. What do you make of it?

Officer 1: Sailor on furlough who looks like he's in trouble, and knows it.

Phelps: Detectives Phelps and Galloway. We know why you're here, Jessop, so it would be best if you answered our questions truthfully.

Jessop: I don't want any trouble, that's why I'm here. I heard on the radio about this lady getting killed. I got leave from my CO to come down straight away.

Galloway: So why did you kill her?

Jessop: I didn't kill anyone. Look, you need to believe me.

Phelps: Let's start at the beginning. You went to Baron's Bar. What time did you arrive?

Jessop: I got a 24 hour pass. I got there around seven.

Phelps: That's where you met Theresa Taraldsen?

Jessop: Sure. We had a couple of drinks.

Phelps: So you tried to make a woman who was incredibly drunk?

Jessop: Look, I'm not proud of myself but I never hurt her.

Phelps: You took her dancing?

Jessop: That's right. We caught a cab to the Crystal Ballroom.

Phelps: You had a fist fight with Richard Bates over Mrs. Taraldsen.

Jessop: You met the guy? He's a creep. You should take a look at him for this.

Phelps: He's pointing the finger directly at you, Jessop.

Jessop: I only had one night before I was back in the tub. He had all the time in the world to look for some action. I belted him. I'd do it again. She was better off with me.

Phelps: Sure. You're a shining example of chivalry, Jessop. The cab driver said that you were getting pretty familiar with Theresa.

Jessop: That's not how I'd put it.

Phelps: So the last thing you wanted was her playing hard to get. Did that make you mad, sailor?

Jessop: Yeah, it did. She knew what a guy's looking for. All broads do. Dancing comes second.

Phelps: And what happened at the Crystal Ballroom?

Jessop: Nothing. Not even a little hand relief. She had another couple of drinks, there was no fun left in her. Just poured her gusts out to some bartender.

Phelps: Where did you go after the Crystal Ballroom?

Jessop: I think the wind had gone out of her sails by then. She caught a cab and I caught a bus back to the base.

Phelps: We spoke to the cab driver. Tell us what really happened at the Crystal Ballroom.

Jessop: I'd had enough. She was all upset about her husband, bawling about her kids. She looked old. We left around closing. Maybe 1:30? We got on a bus and she fell asleep on my shoulder.

Phelps: Which bus?

Jessop: An All American, two four nine. It went past her place. She jumped off and I stayed on it Downtown. After that, I caught another bus to San Pedro. The Indiana is down there. She's being scrapped.

Phelps: And that was the last you saw of Theresa?

Jessop: Yeah, that's right. We didn't say much. I think she was kind of embarrassed.

Phelps: We're holding you till we can clear this with the driver.

Jessop: Yeah, my CO said as much.

Phelps: Can you put the guy in Two in a cell and inform the Commander?

Officer 2: Sure, Detective.

Officer 3: Got a message for you. Sighting of your disfigured hobo, on Grand between Temple and Sunset. And it looks like the 'bo has a record, too. He's wanted in connection with two female assaults.

Phelps: Thanks.

Galloway: What now? Drive all the way to San Pedro and check his locker?

Phelps: Let's see if the bus story checks out.

Galloway: There's a depot at 1660 Beverly Boulevard. Three suspects in the can and one on the hoof, and still no hard evidence on any of them.

KGPL: KGPL to car 11K, 11 King, come in.

Galloway: 11K, go ahead.

KGPL: Patrolmen reporting Bobby Ross' card game breaking up at midnight.

Galloway: 11K, roger that. Plenty of time to get Downtown, Cole.

Phelps: It's possible. Have them bring him in.

Galloway: KGPL, could we have Lars Taraldsen picked up?

KGPL: 11K, roger.

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