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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 56: "The Studio Secretary Murder" (1 of 7)

Check out part 57 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Studio Secretary Murder" with this online demo.


Cpt. Donnelly: Of course we will look into it. Yes, I'm aware that it's an election year. Keep a hold of your hat, Counselor. Now is not the time to lose your nerve.

It would appear that someone has hocked a rose gold wedding ring and matching engagement ring. Sound familiar?

Phelps: Deidre Moller.

Cpt. Donnelly: Press the pawnbroker and see what you can find out. The address is 348 South Main Street. The Moller case goes before the Grand Jury next week, and the DA does not want any egg on his face. Then get out to the the railroad depot on Santa Fe Avenue. We have another poor unfortunate found this morning beside a railroad line, 40 year old white woman.

Galloway: Right, Skipper.

Phelps: Another body and Deidre Moller's ring, the emperor may soon have to come to terms with the fact that he's wearing no clothes.

Galloway: When exactly did you get that book of riddles shoved up your ass, Phelps? Is that what your old man paid college tuition for?

Phelps: You're behind the wheel.

Galloway: Fine. Where are we headed?

Phelps: You've got to admit this is looking odd.

Galloway: Anyone could pawn a ring.

Phelps: But if you take it along with all of the other indicators...

Galloway: Cole, Hugo Moller was identified by the school's groundkeeper. He's our guy.

Phelps: Witnesses have fingered the wrong guy before.

Galloway: He ran, for God's sake.

Phelps: And he always maintained he was set up.

David: How can I help you, boys?

Phelps: Detectives Phelps and Galloway, LAPD. You have a rose gold wedding and engagement ring?

David: David Bremner. Am I going to get something for this pledge? I gave that bum money, and now you guys are going to leave me short.

Galloway: How much did you give him?

David: Fifty bucks.

Galloway: Try another number.

David: Twenty?

Galloway: Try ten, and feel lucky you're getting it.

David: I have the rings right here.

Phelps: What's this mark here?

David: Maker's mark, usually traceable. That one came from Hartfield's Jewelry down on Broadway.

Phelps: Thanks for the tip. Does this mark mean anything.

David: Hallmark, gives you an idea of the quality.

Phelps: What have you got on the guy that brought these in?

David: Goes by the name of Percy B. Shelley. Gave an address, 15 Poland Street, London, Tulare County.

Phelps: Can you give us a description of the man who pawned these rings?

David: Not sure. Medium height, medium build, dark hair I think. Sorry, he just had one of those forgettable faces.

Phelps: We'll be in touch Mr. Bremner. You drive. I need to go over the case notes.

Galloway: And where exactly are we going?

Phelps: We have a problem.

Galloway: We could have the local troopers check out the Tulare County address.

Phelps: The address is bogus. The perp is having fun with us. The guy who has been sending the Dahlia letters is also the guy who pawned these rings.

Galloway: How do you figure that one?

Phelps: Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote the poem that came with the Dahlia letter. If the Dahlia letters are genuine, then the man who killed Elizabeth Short may have also killed Deidre Moller.

Galloway: And how do we prove that, Phelps? Skipper ain't going to like this one bit.

Phelps: We're going to have to rely on this guy tripping up on his own vanity.

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