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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 62: "The Studio Secretary Murder" (7 of 7)

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Studio Secretary Murder" with this online demo.


McCaffrey: Speak to Tiernan. He'll give it up.

Phelps: Operator, message for KGPL.

Operator: Putting you through now. Phelps: Phelps, badge 1247.

KGPL: How can I help Detective?

Phelps: I need the jacket on a Grosvenor McCaffrey.

KGPL: Just a moment Detective. McCaffrey was formerly under surveillance by the Red Squad. Convictions for petty theft. Dishonorable discharge from the Army during training at Syracuse, assault on a local woman. Says he almost beat the woman to death.

Phelps: Thanks, ma'am.

Tiernan: You've spoken to McCaffrey? I can go? It's all been cleared up?

Phelps: Not quite. We have one more question we need to ask, James. Then I think we will be done.

Tiernan: Sure, go ahead.

Phelps: So Evelyn passed out and you walked out. What happened next?

Tiernan: I woke up in the morning, very hungover. I thought Evelyn would have come back.

Phelps: I know you're lying, James. You went out looking for her. Tell me what really happened.

Tiernan: I don't know what you're talking about. How can you say I wasn't in that hotel room?

Phelps: You wound up at McCaffrey's. You were still incredibly drunk. You passed out on his floor. It's time to tell me what really happened.

Tiernan: McCaffrey woke me up the next morning and he showed me the lug wrench and the letter and the box. And he said I came in with them last night. He said that I killed Evelyn. And that it was all over the radio, and that he would protect me. And I don't know, Detective, for the life of me I can't remember a goddamn thing and I was angry with her, really angry. I could have done it. Was it me?

Phelps: Wait here.

You were in the war?

McCaffrey: Yes, I was. Seeing the things that I saw, it changes a man. I came back here determined to change things. All I wanted was a pen and an opportunity to speak out.

Phelps: You told us before that had only minor run-ins with the police. You didn't mention petty theft.

McCaffrey: I've never been in trouble for violence, that's the salient point here isn't it?

Phelps: You're lying, McCaffrey. You have a history of violence, towards women.

McCaffrey: How do you turn a couple parking tickets and a petty theft misdemeanor into an assault charge?

Phelps: We know all about you and your dishonorable discharge, beating some poor woman near to death in Syracuse. You've never been in combat, McCaffrey. Your whole life is a fraud.

McCaffrey: She was a goddamn peasant whore. Tried to steal from my wallet. I could have fought for this country. I could have...

Galloway: You beat her because she stole from you, because she tried to outsmart you.

McCaffrey: The ignorant audacity of the bitch. What is a man supposed to do, sit there and take it? How is a man supposed to call himself a man?

Phelps: And Evelyn Summers, a poor drunken nobody, stole your book.

McCaffrey: And she got what was coming to her!

Phelps: Grosvenor McCaffrey, I'm charging you with the murder of Evelyn Summers. She was a sad lady, who never hurt anyone except herself. I hope God finds a way to forgive you.

Cpt. Donnelly: Congratulations boys, you bagged a fine catch. Another Red to boot. Grand. Now, I want you to put this business about a repeat offender out of your mind. This McCaffrey creature shows no remorse, and neither will the Grand Jury. You would have to walk a long mile to find a better candidate for an unmarked plot in the prison graveyard.

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