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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 73: "The Black Caesar" (4 of 6)

Check out part 74 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Black Caesar" with this online demo.


Phelps: Detectives Phelps and Earle. LAPD.

Merlon: The name's Merlon Ottie. I run a strictly legitimate bookmaker, Detective.

Phelps: So that's not an illegal wire service that your colleagues are running. And the numbers slips that I've been picking up all morning with this address on them have nothing to do with you?

Merlon: I pay my kick to the wops and they pay their cut to the LAPD. You can't go shaking me down.

Earle: You're a loudmouth motherfucker, aren't you? Anyone ever tell you that the criminals are supposed to keep their mouths shut? Stay where you are while we look around.

Phelps: With this quantity, we're looking at a high level trafficking charge. Thanks for the paper trail, Merlon. I think Ramez's place is our next stop.

Oh that's quite a win for a dime, Merlon. You better start talking.

Earle: Goddammit! Get after him, Phelps!

Phelps: Give it up, Ottie! Stop right there, Ottie, or I will shoot!

Merlon: All right, all right. Relax, motherfucker. You got me.

Earle: Nice wand, Merlon. It's too bad you couldn't pull off your vanishing act.

Merlon: Make your jokes smart guy, but don't damage that. That there is a valuable antique.

Earle: You don't say. Maybe you ought to have a look at this, Cole.

Phelps: Ottie has José Ramez in his pocket. Ramez must have forgotten his lucky numbers.

Would you like to calculate the odds on you going to prison for a very long time, Merlon?

Merlon: I'm not going anywhere. I've paid my contributions and I'm not getting hustled by you.

Phelps: We're only interested in morphine, army surplus morphine. What do you have to say about that?

Merlon: I heard about that. It was a big robbery on a ship. Ain't my line of work. I prefer something with a sporting outcome.

Phelps: You distribute for Lenny Finkelstein. You're a patsy for those gangsters.

Merlon: I don't know what you're talking about. I distribute for the LAPD motherfucker.

Earle: Jermaine Jones gave you up as his supplier. He says that you're Lenny's sissy, and that you'll do whatever Lenny tells you.

Merlon: Me? That nigger is a dead man. I move the dope José gives me. José Ramez. I ran a clean numbers racket until those two motherfuckers went into the dope business.

Phelps: Ramez seems to owe you a lot of money.

Merlon: We all owe somebody.

Phelps: So it has nothing to do with the proceeds of the morphine shipment?

Merlon: It's a gambling debt. The hebes took over the wire service and screwed me. Now I just do what I'm told, run numbers and shift dope. José is no different. He just thinks he is a big man that can run up tabs.

Phelps: You're not the guy that we want, Merlon, but we're taking you in. Maybe some time in a cell will help you remember something worthwhile.

Merlon: Fuck you and fuck you. You'll never put a charge on me.

Earle: Take this bum in. Take the long way around and don't be gentle with him. You got that?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Phelps: You're behind the wheel.

Earle: Do we know where we're going?

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