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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 75: "The Black Caesar" (6 of 6)

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Black Caesar" with this online demo.


Janitor: The factory is closed. Has been for years. Not much call for ice anymore with all those new fangled refrigerators.

Earle: Save it for someone who wants to hear it. How many janitors carry a gat?

Phelps: That's one way of announcing we're here. Give it up, Finkelstein. Your brother-in-law will get you a good lawyer.

Finkelstein: My brother-in-law hates my guts. Come and get me if you want some daylight through that suit of yours. Come on in and get massacred, cocksuckers!

Phelps: Eyes open! Throw out the guns!

Finkelstein: Your move mister. Come get me!

Phelps: Give me some goddamn cover.

Finkelstein: What the hell is the matter? Can someone please just kill these asshole already? Clear me some space here. There he is! Blast him!

Earle: Get behind something, Phelps!

Phelps: How long do you think you can hold out?

Finkelstein: I ain't running out of friends or guns in here any time soon! Understand?

Phelps: I'm wide open here. Find some cover!

Earle: Give me some god damn cover!

Phelps: Push forward. Stay down.

Finkelstein: Pour it on, goddammit! Keep shooting! I want them dead! If you die, boys, I walk!

Earle: Clear me some space here.

Phelps: Stay in cover. They're all dead, Finkelstein. Leave the weapon and put your hands up, now.

Finkelstein: Put my hands up? Sure. Then what? Cop to peddling the dope cut a deal? Ship me off to the Q. Soon as I get locked up, some old friend puts an ice pick above my ear. No thanks.

Earle: Only one other way out, shitheel. Let's have a look around. Now that we've finally got some peace and quiet. I think I've had enough ice for one day. This stuff has got to be worth at least 100 grand.

Phelps: So Finkelstein robbed the ship?

Earle: My guess is Lenny took it off their hands. This is big. This is going to make the papers, Phelps. As senior investigator, I'll do the talking.

Colmyer: Well, well. Who would've thought that Roy Earle's hand picked new partner would've turned out to be such a great case man? This is a good result, Phelps. As far as we can tell, Lenny the Fink was moving the morphine across the city and as far north as Frisco.

This makes the Feds very happy and it makes Mickey Cohen look bad. I won't lie to you, kid, I like the headlines. I like them a lot. You keep this squad in the papers and we'll get along just fine.

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