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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 81: "The Set Up" (6 of 9)

Check out part 82 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Set Up" with this online demo.


Detective Phelps: Detectives Phelps and Earle, LAPD.

Detective Earle: Relax, Cole. Did you just have a blonde in here, Mervin?

Mervin: Sure did. I'm just about to close up. She took me to the cleaners, 400,000 clams and change.

Detective Phelps: How long ago did she leave?

Mervin: Maybe five minutes. Called a cab. Asked for a number, I told there there was a card over the by the phone.

Detective Phelps: Yellow Cab. We need to get after her. Fast. Operator, message for KGPL.

Operator: Putting you through now.

Detective Phelps: Can you connect me to the Yellow Cab Company, Hollywood 2187, please? This is Detective Phelps, LAPD. You dispatched a cab to 1487 Ivar Avenue, Hollywood.

Cab dispatcher: Yes, sir. Sent on around from the pool.

Detective Phelps: Do you have the number of that cab?

Cab dispatcher: Number 179.

Detective Phelps: Thanks. We're done playing around. Get Mervin to give us an address on Ray's place.

Detective Earle: Do you have any idea who Ray is?

Mervin: Sugar Ray?

Detective Not now, Mervin. Cole doesn't have much of a sense of humor at the best of times.

Mervin: Ray runs a shop up on North Cherokee Avenue, just south of Hollywood Boulevard.

Detective Earle: This broad's planning on cleaning out every bookmaker in town.

Detective Phelps: Hammond needed to make sure he was getting a bigger payday than if he'd taken the flop.

Detective Earle: Never trust the limeys, especially where a fight's concerned, a mistake we can't seem to stop making.

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