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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 83: "The Set Up" (8 of 9)

Check out part 84 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Set Up" with this online demo.


Earle: Pull over, she's heading inside. I think I just saw Hammond. I'll tail him. You get in there and stay with Candy. Make sure you don't let her see you.

Man: Hey, fuck you, asshole!

Candy: Ah!

Phelps: Roy! Call an ambulance!

Candy: He said... He told me...

Phelps: Just try and sit still, Candy.

Candy: Make me...

Phelps: Who shot you? Was it Albert?

Candy: Car...

Earle: They're on the way. I have a patrolman searching the depot. The Chief's putting together a manhunt for Hammond. He got the money, right?

Phelps: Looks like it.

Earle: A tough bird, our limey friend. Using his girlfriend as the bag woman and thing getting greedy over the split. He won't make it out of town.

Phelps: That's how you see it?

Earle: I told you that cocksucker was a crook.

Phelps: Thirty-two caliber. One shot fired. The Egyptian Theatre.

Earle: So what now?

Phelps: The theater I guess. We don't have much else to go on. Poor girl. She didn't deserve that.

Earle: Poor girl? Half the precinct aren't taking a vacation this year because of her. You need to leave town a lot quicker than that if you decide to screw over Mickey C. This seems like long shot.

Phelps: Aren't they all?

KGPL: Car 11K. Car 11 King, come in.

Earle: Car 11 King.

KGPL: Message from the coroner: cause of death was a knife wound. Repeat, a knife wound. The revolver appears to have belonged to the victim. KGPL, clear.

Earle: Son of a bitch. He stabbed her.

Phelps: I though you said real men used their fists not guns.

Earle: That guinea cocksucker. You think he got the money, too?

Phelps: Come on, Roy. We're bringing this whole tragedy to its conclusion.

Man: Why did you kill her, Carlo? Your gripe was with me. She was collecting the money for you. Mickey made it clear it was either me or you, and I intend to keep on living. She stole those betting slips. She was running out on me.

Carlo: And you were going let her?

Man: No, I let her collect. I set her up. Just like she set me up. Just like my manager set me up. Everyone wanting me to take the dive. Everyone wanting me to take the short money, "It's for the best kid."

Carlo: You were washed up, kid. You couldn't climb and you were too brace to sink. You were going nowhere.

Man: Maybe. But I had heart. I was a Royal Marine, Carlo. If I lost a fight, it wasn't for lack of trying. And it wasn't for lack of courage. I didn't have much but I had that.

Carlo: I did it for you and that's how you repay me?

Man: You did it for yourself. So did Little Boy. You did it to make a quick buck. Candy did it to make her dream come true.

Carlo: Blah, blah, blah. I've got the money, all I need to do is get rid of you. It's going to be a shame, kid, but that's business.

Phelps: We've heard enough, Arquero. Put down your weapon.

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