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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 89: "Manifest Destiny" (5 of 10)

Check out part 90 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Manifest Destiny" with this online demo.


Officer: All units, officer down at 1384 North Bronson. Ambulance is en route. Repeating all units, officers still need help on Bronson, approach with extreme caution.

Phelps: LAPD! Drop the gun, now!

Phone number and restaurant table. It's one of the BARs.

Phelps: I know that guy. Felix Alvarro.

Earle: He's one of the guys from the ship?

Phelps: His name was on the manifest.

Earle: Looks like McGoldrick wasn't the only one to get a message. Hey, Alvarro.

Alvarro: Hey, Lieutenant.

Earle: He's just a plain detective now, chico.

Alvarro: Who's the jughead?

Phelps: This is my partner, Roy Earle. We just want to find out what happened.

Alvarro: What happened is that someone took a shot at my bus and then cops turn up and start treating me like I'm some sort of pachuco punk. My people have been in California for over 300 years.

Earle: Very fucking admirable, Felix.

Phelps: You hear anything about the big heist on the Coolridge?

Alvarro: Yeah, I heard about it.

Phelps: So what happened?

Alvarro: Not much. Cops came and interviewed me and all of the other guys on the ship.

Phelps: I was down at the 111 Club this morning waiting for the medical examiner to scrape Eddie McGoldrick's brains off the bar. You want to tell me anything about that?

Alvarro: I heard that Eddie came into some money. Too bad he didn't keep a low profile. It's a tough break to get through Okinawa and then have to buy it back home.

Phelps: Who's shooting at you, Felix?

Alvarro: How the fuck do I know?

Phelps: The dead guy on the roof works for Mickey Cohen. Why would Cohen want you dead?

Alvarro: I don't know anything about Mickey Cohen or any of those gangsters.

Phelps: Your name was in the sniper's notebook. Level with me, Felix.

Alvarro: Cohen thinks because we were on the boat, we have the morphine. Courtney is meeting those guys to sort it out.

Phelps: Courtney Sheldon?

Alvarro: Yeah. You remember Sheldon, don't you, Cole?

Phelps: We'll be in touch, Felix.

Alvarro: You heard that Jack is in LA?

Phelps: I saw his name on the manifest.

Alvarro: He's been here a couple of months. Sure glad to see you got over your wound, Lieutenant. I mean... Detective.

Earle: Pretty cool customer.

Phelps: He's been under fire before.

Earle: You buying his story?

Phelps: Not for a minute. Phelps, Badge 1247.

Operator: How can I help, Detective?

Phelps: I need an address on a Jack Kelso.

Operator: Just a second. Jack Kelso, apartment four, 1408 North El Centro Avenue, Hollywood.

Phelps: Thanks for your help.

Earle: How well did you know the owner?

Phelps: McGoldrick? Well enough. He was in my unit.

Earle: That's some cruel irony. You survive the war, then get blown to pieces back home.

Phelps: It happens more than you'd think. Young guys, trying to adjust to normal life, getting mixed up in the wrong crowds.

Earle: The kid had just bought a night club! I'd say he got mixed up in the right crowds.

Phelps: Until someone filled him full of holes.

Earle: You don't come in to that kind of money that quickly without pissing a few people off.

Phelps: Jack was a Company Sergeant. He would never get involved in something like this.

Earle: We brace him and drag him Downtown.

Phelps: It won't work. He's a tough customer.

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