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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 97: "The Gas Man" (3 of 10)

Check out part 98 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Gas Man" with this online demo.


Phelps: Detectives Phelps and Biggs, LAPD.

Cunningham: John Cunningham. Can I help you, gentlemen?

Phelps: What can you tell us about the travel tickets that you issued to the Steffens family?

Cunningham: Steffens? Let me see. Family of five, I think. Trip by flying boat to Catalina Island. The tickets were issued last week and redeemed this weekend.

Phelps: Here they are, Steffens. The Sawyer family. Rosewood Avenue. Tell us about the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.

Cunningham: There's not much to tell. They run a promotion. Our promotions mailing list covers half of LA.

Phelps: So they are not a government agency?

Cunningham: I don't believe so. Government organizations don't usually get
involved in promotions.

Phelps: I'm told the tickets were a prize?

Cunningham: Yes, they were.

Phelps: You do a lot of these prizes?

Cunningham: Look, there are hundreds of these promotions running at any one time. If you're the lucky guy, you get your name pulled out of a hat.

Phelps: While the Steffens family was at Catalina Island, their house burnt down. You consider them lucky?

Cunningham: Christ. I'm sorry to hear that.

Phelps: Can you tell me who offered the prize they won?

Cunningham: Sure. Look, there's supposed to be some sort of supervised draw, with hundreds of tickets. But the reality is, the Suburban Redevelopment Fund calls me every couple of weeks and tells me exactly who has won.

Phelps: Thanks for your help.

Cunningham: No problem, I just wish I could do something for that family.

Phelps: You could put round the hat. A few bucks would really help them now.

Cunningham: I suppose so.

Biggs: Good, I'll put you down for 50. I could tell you were a Samaritan the minute I walked in the door.

Cunningham: Fifty? Are you...

Phelps: Good man, Cunningham. You're all right.

Cunningham: Yeah, I'm great. Poorer but great.

Phelps: You drive. I need to go over the case notes.

Biggs: So where do you want to go? Let me guess. You want to check out the Suburban address?

Phelps: Great partners must think alike, Herschel.

This is supposed to be the registered offices of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.

Man: This is an Elysian housing development, mac.

Phelps: So Elysian is an investor in the Redevelopment Fund.

Biggs: Looks that way.

Man: Are we done here, mac? I've got work to do.

Biggs: Sure, buddy. Thanks for your help. Elysian are investors in the Suburban Redevelopment. So what? If you think I'm putting my pension on the line and harassing Leland Monroe without evidence, you're out of your mind.

Phelps: So Elysian Fields builds the houses, while the Suburban Redevelopment Fund foots the bill.

You're behind the wheel. Have there been any other house fires?

Biggs: This is Arson. We get an average of two a night. Does that answer your question?

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