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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 98: "The Gas Man" (4 of 10)

Check out part 99 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Gas Man" with this online demo.


Biggs: Hi, Albert. We've caught this case.

Lynch: Hey, Biggs. We? You have a partner? What gives?

Biggs: This is Cole Phelps. You may have read about him?

Lynch: Oh, now I get it. Hello, Phelps. Welcome to the netherworld of Arson. Family of four found dead in their beds. Heater explosion.

Phelps: Another one?

Lynch: Looks that way. InstaHeat Model 70. Before you get excited, we get a couple of water heaters a month go bang. Take a look around the yard. See what you can find.

Phelps: Mal?

Carruthers: You going to stick it out, Cole?

Phelps: I'm going to try Mal. What have you got?

Carruthers: Family by the name of Sawyer. Mother, father and two kids. All in bed from the looks of it so I'd say carbon monoxide poisoning. The burns are superficial.

Phelps: Time of death?

Carruthers: I'd say about midnight. Anything more exact will take some time to determine. Lynch tells me this has something to do with a faulty water heater?

Phelps: Could be. There's been a spate of problems with a particular brand. I've got another angle in mind.

Carruthers: You care to elucidate, Detective? If this is a murder and not an accident, sharing information has helped us solve quite a few cases together.

Phelps: I need something concrete, Mal, before the department gets wind of it. I'm in Arson for a reason.

Carruthers: I feel sorry for your wife and kids, Phelps, not for you. But you're a good case man. One of the best I've ever met. I'll help in any way I can.

Phelps: Thanks, Mal. I'd say that's firm but fair. Hey, Biggs! Is this significant?

Lynch: Regulator valve. Good find.

Patrolman: Detectives. This is the next door neighbor.

Phelps: Detective Phelps. Can you help?

Neighbor: They were supposed to be going away. They won a trip somewhere. But little Henry got sick so they had to cancel. What are the chances?

Phelps: Do you know who ran the competition?

Neighbor: Gulliver's Travel. Up on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Phelps: Thanks. You've been a big help.

Lynch: Phelps. The guy across the street. I've seen him before. He likes fire. Hurry you can still catch him!

Phelps: Stop! LAPD! We got an ID on you, firebug. Stop right there! What's your name?

Chapman: Herbert Chapman.

Phelps: So you like fires.

Chapman: Some.

Phelps: Watching them or setting them?

Chapman: I don't want any trouble.

Phelps: Turn out your pockets. You're a naughty boy, aren't you, Herbert?

Chapman: I keep myself to myself.

Lynch: A cigarette and a matchbox gives you a five or six minute delay. You want more time, you use a mosquito coil. Don't you, Herbert?

Phelps: You light this fire, Herbert?

Herbert: Hell no. I heard it over the fire radio. It sounded sweet.

Lynch: When you've finished following your leads, come see and me at the fire station. I have a theory about this.

Phelps: Will do, Lynch. Take this guy in. We might want him for questioning later.

Patrolman: You got it, Detective.

Biggs: Why have you got such a hard on for this case? If it is murder, it's almost impossible to prove. Fire doesn't leave much evidence. There's no percentage in this.

Phelps: I think it's more than one case.

Biggs: They're house fires, Cole. Accidents. Heater fires. Gas explosions.

Phelps: There's got to be a reason.

Biggs: The reason is you want to be a star again. Forget it. Give it up. You'll feel better.

Phelps: There's something to this. I know it.

Biggs: What are you talking about? Arson is insurance. It's always been insurance.

Phelps: We still investigate the cases, Bigs. The people in this house are dead.

Biggs: Go soak your head, Phelps. This hero business is a full time obsession with you.

Phelps: I'm going to make this case. And I'm going to rub the department's nose in it. Help me or stay out of my way. You got it?

Biggs: Lynch says we should visit him at Fire Station 32.

Phelps: You're behind the wheel.

Biggs: So where do you want to go?

Bystander: Where were all these policemen when the crime was being committed, I wonder.

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