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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 103: "The Gas Man" (9 of 10)

Check out part 104 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Gas Man" with this online demo.


Phelps: I have two suspects.

Hopkins: Phelps, you got nothing. Biggs, Ryan's waiting for you in Interview One. Varley's in Two.

Biggs: Hey, Hopkins, you practicing your asshole routine again? Come on, Phelps.

Phelps: We have Matthew Ryan in custody, Varley. I think all we need to do is ask him about this and he'll rat you out.

Varley: Fuck Ryan! That pinko bastard.

Phelps: Have you ever worked on a place on Rosewood Avenue? Family by the name of Sawyer.

Varley: Maybe. I'm from out of town. I go where they send me. I don't do a lot of repairs, though. I'm flat out on new installations.

Phelps: Why are you lying to me, Varley? If Suburban wants their new installations completed, why are you bothering with wrecks like the Sawyer house?

Varley: So I'm lying just because I can't remember if I was there or not? How can you prove that I was?

Phelps: Your name is on the inside door of their water heater.

Varley: Okay, you got me there. Suburban, they wanted that guy out. Sawyer kept complaining about not being able to get his heater serviced, so they threw in a free service as a sweetener. I think he played them though, because he still wouldn't sell.

Phelps: Word is you're in the pocket of some property developer?

Varley: Never. I got principles.

Phelps: How did Suburban put the squeeze on you? Did they find out about your record?

Varley: There's no way you can link me to Suburban. You're wasting your time.

Phelps: Clemens says you offered to cut him in on the kickbacks they were offering. He'll testify in court.

Varley: Suburban, they got real time pressure in getting some of their big developments finished. There's some big date that they can't afford to miss. So yeah, I took their money. But so did a lot of guys, all right? Carpenters, electricians, plumbers. It's no big conspiracy.

Phelps: What would reversing the diaphragm of an InstaHeat Model 70 do?

Varley: Yeah, I've made that mistake before. You get a big bang when you turn the pilot back on.

Phelps: So you didn't deliberately sabotage the water heard at the Sawyer house?

Varley: No! I did not. Are you out of your mind?

Phelps: I don't believe you, Varley. I think Suburban wants homeowners who don't want to sell out of the way.

Varley: I think you're out of your mind. Where is the evidence that I have done anything to contribute to this fire, huh?

Phelps: Arsonists use cigarettes and mosquito coils as time delay fuses. We found an open box of mosquito coils in your locker.

Varley: Whoa, hang on! Those things, they belong to Ryan, all right? He asked me to hold them because his locker was full of stupid pamphlets. I thought he used them for camping.

Phelps: We're done for now.

Varley: So what happens?

Phelps: You're either going back to Detroit to face a murder rap or you're staying here to answer for these arsons.

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