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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 104: "The Gas Man" (10 of 10)

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Gas Man" with this online demo.


Phelps: Save yourself some time and get this thing off your chest.

Ryan: If that's your opening gambit, you better try again.

Phelps: So you want to change the world, Ryan?

Ryan: Yes, I do. So does every reasonable person.

Phelps: And you're doing your part?

Ryan: Yes, I am.

Phelps: Does that include sabotaging water heaters to destroy a company?

Ryan: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Phelps: This is industrial sabotage, Ryan. It's all part of your campaign.

Ryan: You're delusional, Detective. What Campaign?

Phelps: Your locker is full of pamphlets. Clemens told us how you were always foisting them on people.

Ryan: Sure, I spread the pamphlets. A guy has to do something. InstaHeat heaters break down everyday. They're still peddling the same lousy design that they lifted from Hephaistos.

Phelps: InstaHeat bought out Hephaistos?

Ryan: Them, Vulcan, Pyro and a bunch of other companies.

Phelps: And you still work for them?

Ryan: A guy has to work.

Phelps: And the directors of the company? How do you feel about them these days?

Ryan: You work it out.

Phelps: You know how to reverse a diaphragm in the regulator valve of a Model 70 heater?

Ryan: No, I don't.

Phelps: If you know enough to do your job, you know enough to do that repair. You're lying, Ryan.

Ryan: And how do you think you can prove that?

Phelps: Your boss at InstaHeat said that you've all been trained to do it. It's a common repair. Are you calling him a liar?

Ryan: Okay, so I know how it's done. But what would be the point? You'd just end up with a gas leak and then a small fire when you turned the pilot back on.

Phelps: And if you didn't reset the pilot and the gas spread? What was the cause of the fire in your own home, Ryan?

Ryan: I won't tell you.

Phelps: What can you tell me about the Suburban Redevelopment Fund?

Ryan: Nothing.

Phelps: I think Suburban is a front for your anarchist buddies. They're arranging for people to be out of town while you burn their houses down.

Ryan: Suburban? What's that got to do with me? That's Varley's bilk. He's the one with the cozy agreement with those fascists.

Phelps: You have a history of violence?

Ryan: I have no such thing.

Phelps: You were charged with attempted murder, Ryan.

Ryan: It was a court case. No criminal liability was the verdict. They said that they couldn't have known that the faulty heater installation would cause a fire. All I know is I lost my whole family and the company that was responsible got away with it. What would you do?

Phelps: Which company?

Ryan: Hephaistos Water Heater Company.

Phelps: Matthew Ryan, I'm charging you with committing a series of arsons and for the murders of Hank Sawyer, Edwina Sawyer, Henry Sawyer, and Jessica Sawyer.

Ryan: You're putting an innocent man away here. You hear me? I didn't set any fires. I didn't kill that family.

Cpt. McKelty: Phelps, what you did to your wife and kids was un-American...

Phelps: My wife threw me out, Captain.

Cpt. McKelty: Did I ask for your opinion? You're here to listen to mine. What I was going to say, before I was interrupted, was you did a good job on the Steffens-Sawyer case. We don't often get results in Arson, so well done.

Biggs: What about me? Do I get a little stamp on my hand or a lollipop or something?

Cpt. McKelty: What you get is another case. A bad one, unfortunately.

Phelps: You're two blocks behind First and Second. We have more buildings to clear. You know our orders, Sergeant.

Kelso: There's barely a building left standing or not on fire in your zone, Cole. Is your sector full of Japs?

Phelps: Are you questioning my command?

Kelso: The Captain doesn't want anyone falling behind.

Phelps: Tell the Captain we will join him when the job is done.

Soldier: Just give us the word, Sarge, we'll take care of the him. He should be sectioned. That Jap-lover is a fucking liability.

Kelso: We're here to kill Japs, not our own people.

Soldier: Star-crossed son of a bitch. No one wants to serve under him. He's bad fucking luck.

Kelso: Can it. We've a job to do here. If I can live with it, you can too

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