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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 105: "A Walk In Elysian Fields" (1 of 5)

Check out part 106 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Walk In Elysian Fields" with this online demo.


Cpt. McKelty: House fire. A bad one. At least four vics. Get out there and find out what you can. The address is 650 North Hobart.

Phelps: Can you drive to this one?

Biggs: You hear about Rancho Escondido?

Phelps: Are we having a conversation, Biggs?

Biggs: Okay, fuck it. Forget I...

Phelps: I'm teasing you, Herschel. Tell me about it.

Biggs: One of the new housing developments, a couple of weeks from completion. Burnt to the ground last night. GIs were ready to move in this weekend. The developer is going to have some very angry customers.

Carruthers: You guys better see this. I hope you have strong stomachs.

Phelps: Do you have a name?

Carruthers: Morelli, Mike. We recovered a picture of the family.

Phelps: Okay. Anything else?

Carruthers: To be honest, I just got here, Phelps. Best you talk to Lynch. He's the expert.

Phelps: It doesn't make any sense. Why aren't they scattered around like the rest of the debris?

Lynch: I think they've been moved.

Biggs: Moved?

Lynch: I think someone moved them after the explosion and before the fire.

Phelps: Can you explain that, please?

Lynch: I'm almost positive the cause of death is asphyxiation due to gas inhalation. Look at the parts of their bodies that aren't scorched. The coloring around the fingertips is typical.

Biggs: They wouldn't have felt a thing.

Lynch: I think the fire damage is postmortem. I think someone moved them into this room after the explosion.

Biggs: It still doesn't make any sense. Why would you run into a burning building?

Phelps: What are they doing?

Lynch: The Prayer Effect is from the fire. The muscles and tendons contract.

Phelps: You ever think about how many people have died in this world, and how big heaven would have to be to accommodate them, Biggs?

Biggs: No, I have not. Show some respect.

Phelps: It's our boy. I think he watches the fires. I think the Sawyer fire went wrong.

Biggs: So what about the guy we have in jail, Phelps?

Phelps: We got the wrong guy.

Biggs: That doesn't explain why he ran into a burning building. What would make anyone do that?

Phelps: Guilt.

Carruthers: For the fires?

Phelps: For his mistake. This guy wants to burn houses, not families. He expects the houses to be empty. He was trying to redeem himself. He probably thought they'd be happier together.

Biggs: You are one very disturbed individual, Phelps. I know you've had it rough lately, but you should start to compartmentalize your thoughts.

Lynch: He could be right. Can you come up with an alternative explanation?

Phelps: I'm sure it's the same guy.

Biggs: Are you telling me that some son of a bitch murdered these people, the whole family and arranged them here like Kewpie dolls?

Carruthers: It might fit, Cole, but I don't think we could ever prove it. There's very little evidence.

Biggs: Evidence!

Phelps: Albert, check out the hot water system. Make sure we're dealing with the same MO.

Carruthers: Sure, Phelps. I'll get back to you.

Lynch: Leave the rest to us, Cole. You better find out what's eating Biggs.

Phelps: So something finally got to you?

Biggs: You want my help, pretty boy, you got it. You keep riding me and you won't be pretty much longer.

Phelps: We can get this guy, Herschel.

Biggs: You think you've seen everything, Phelps? I was with the 2nd Marines at Belleau Wood. The things that went on in that farmhouse, my own guys, on fire, screaming for a way out. We are not going to get this guy. There's going to be no photos and no citations. We're going to kill this miserable fuck. End of story. You getting this?

Phelps: You remember the list from the travel agent?

Biggs: Sure.

Phelps: The Morellis were winners too. Their name was on that list.

Biggs: Christ. We should take a look around, work the neighbors, see what they know. I'll go across the street.

Phelps: Okay, I'll try this side.

Biggs: I haven't done this for years.

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