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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 106: "A Walk In Elysian Fields" (2 of 5)

Check out part 107 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Walk In Elysian Fields" with this online demo.


Biggs: I haven't done this for years.

Man 1: You don't look like a fireman, son.

Phelps: Looks like the same model. Someone was keeping watch. Looks like they were here for quite a while. Brand looks distinctive. Whoever it was, he was wearing boondockers. I would know that imprint anywhere.

LAPD. Can you tell me anything about the fire next door?

Forman: Terrible luck. Imagine, after having won that weekend away.

Phelps: What's your name sir?

Forman: Forman, Dudley Forman.

Phelps: Did you see or hear anything that might have...

Forman: Look, we were asleep when we heard the explosion.

Phelps: You didn't like Morelli, did you?

Forman: Some neighbors you get along with, some you don't. I guess they should have sold up.

Phelps: What do you mean?

Forman: They're knocking down all these old houses and building a new subdivision for Gls. Morelli was being difficult.

Phelps: Did you see anyone hanging around the Morellis' home prior to the explosion?

Forman: Nope. Can't say as I was looking out, though.

Phelps: You sure, Mr. Forman? There's signs of someone hanging around over there by the fence.

Forman: Hey, now that you come to think of it, there was a guy. Kind of tall, skinny though.

Phelps: Anything else?

Forman: Orange lumber jacket. A beat up hat and no hair. I thought he was the pest exterminator guy who was working around here the last few days, but that guy had hair.

Phelps: You said someone is knocking these houses down?

Forman: Elysian Fields. You must know them, their billboards, that Monroe character beaming down at you. We've had an offer for the houses.

Phelps: Did the Morellis want to sell?

Forman: I don't know.

Phelps: Whatever you thought of Morelli, his whole family is dead. They couldn't have all deserved that. I want you to help me here, Forman.

Forman: Morelli was pig-headed. He'd built the house himself. He didn't want to sell. Stubborn fool was ruining it for all of us.

Phelps: You said the Morellis had won a weekend away. To Catalina Island?

Forman: Yeah, that's right. First thing I thought after the explosion was, "Thank goodness, they was away." But then I found out they were still in there.

Phelps: Who was running the competition?

Forman: What? I don't know.

Phelps: You didn't enter yourself?

Forman: I'd already agreed to sell. The competition was an incentive for those who were still thinking about it.

Phelps: Thanks for your time, Mr. Forman.

Forman: Sure. Hey, if you're interested, I have one of those competition flyers in the kitchen. I can get it for you, if you like?

Phelps: That would be great.

Biggs: Any luck, Cole?

Phelps: A couple of things. What did you pick up?

Biggs: A folded piece of paper. Looks complicated.

Phelps: Japanese call it origami. Can I take a look?

Biggs: Sure.

Phelps: Paper crane. There is a legend about them. You fold 1,000 of these and you get a wish.

Biggs: Hey, don't break it.

Phelps: I'm not. I'm unfolding it. It looks like a waybill or a flyer.

Biggs: For what?

Phelps: For Elysian Fields Developments.

Forman: Oh, I see you already have one.

Phelps: When did the flyer arrive in your mailbox?

Forman: They've been arriving for weeks. This one was in the mailbox when I got home from work yesterday afternoon.

Phelps: I need an address for a property developer. Elysian Fields Developments.

Operator: One moment, Detective. The address is 748 North Oxford Avenue, Wilshire. Anything else?

Phelps: Messages please.

Operator: You have a message: contact Captain McKelty immediately.

Phelps: Thanks. Can you put me through operator?

Operator: Of course. Here you are.

Phelps: Commander.

Cpt. McKelty: Any leads on the Morelli fire?

Phelps: We're about to go and visit Elysian Fields Developments.

Cpt. McKelty: You're about to do what? Leland Monroe, he's a personal friend of the Mayor and the Chief. Are you out of your mind? I'm warning you, Phelps.

Phelps: Commander, we have a line of inquiry.

Cpt. McKelty: You have something, you bring it to me. You're hanging by a thread, Phelps. Do you understand?

Phelps: Yes, sir.

Cpt. McKelty: Good. Have a report on my desk today.

Phelps: McKelty has warned us off over Elysian.

Biggs: Makes sense. It's a dead end. We should check out Rancho Escondido.

Phelps: You know the place?

Biggs: Sure. Corner of Fountain and Wilton. Let's go. You got to be kidding me. We're driving this? It's a shame about Chapman. The Arson desk has been trying to nail that son of a bitch for years.

Phelps: He's still in custody, Herschel.

Biggs: Want to bet? They'll have kicked him loose already. Can't hold him for misdemeanor cigarettes and matches.

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