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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 108: "A Walk In Elysian Fields" (4 of 5)

Check out part 109 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Walk In Elysian Fields" with this online demo.


Phelps: Detectives Phelps and Biggs, LAPD, to see Leland Monroe.

Receptionist: Do you have an appointment?

Biggs: We're the police lady. We don't need an appointment.

Receptionist: Can I tell him what it's about?

Phelps: It's an official investigation.

Receptionist: There are two police officers here to see Mr. Monroe.

Cansino: Send them through.

Phelps: And that's our cue. Thanks, ma'am.

Cansino: May I help you, gentlemen?

Phelps: We would like to speak to Mr. Monroe.

Cansino: I'm afraid it's impossible. Mr. Monroe's schedule is booked weeks in advance.

Biggs: Cut to the chase, sister. Is he in?

Cansino: I'm not at liberty to reveal that, Officer.

Biggs: So he hired you for your intelligence?

Cansino: I find that offensive.

Biggs: You have every right to.

Phelps: this is getting us nowhere, Miss...?

Cansino: Cansino.

Phelps: Would you like us to return with a warrant?

Monroe: That won't be necessary, gentlemen. Come into my office. Would you like a cigar? Drink, boys!

Biggs: Sure, I'll have a scotch.

Phelps: Biggs! We're investigating a series of domestic fires, Mr. Monroe.

Monroe: That's terrible, boys. How can I help?

Phelps: Elysian Fields and Suburban Redevelopment Fund flyers keep turning up in the vicinity of the fires.

Monroe: They're turning up all over town, boys. Can you imagine the current demand for housing?

Phelps: So that's your explanation, Mr. Monroe? Coincidence?

Monroe: Explanation? Why, what's to explain? I advertise on radio and billboards for buyers and I advertise for sellers using waybills.

Phelps: We found a family burnt out in their home. Another house burned to the ground, another Elysian Fields flyer. Our information is that they didn't want to sell.

Monroe: Are you saying that's something to do with me? Is that your point?

Biggs: Point is, every time we find a family barbecued, we find one of your flyers. Is that good advertising?

Phelps: What do you know about a competition for families to win free vacations to Catalina Island?

Monroe: My company runs many promotions. I'm not familiar with that one.

Phelps: Level with me, Mr. Monroe. You know all about the vacation offers.

Monroe: You can believe whatever you like, son. You're missing the vital ingredient called proof.

Phelps: Your face is all over the flyers, Mr. Monroe. You know about the prizes and you're aware that they get given to holdouts.

Monroe: My face is the brand. It's on all our advertising. Did you know that the Mayor and the Chief of Police are part of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund? Do you want to accuse them of murder as well?

Phelps: You've made offers to buy houses in areas where fires have been recorded.

Monroe: Are you suggesting that I'm burning people out of their homes so that I can sell them new ones?

Phelps: What happens to your plans if a family like the Morellis fuses to sell?

Monroe: We work around them. Business finds a way. That's the American way.

Phelps: Come on, Mr. Monroe. You expect me to believe that you would build a new development with one of those old piles smack bang in the center of it?

Monroe: Progress is an inexorable process, Detective. Those who choose to stand in defiance are usually confined to the waste basket of history. To answer your question, yes, we would build around them if we had to. Most people see sense.

Phelps: What's Elysian Fields' involvement in Rancho Escondido?

Monroe: One of our latest housing developments. It was due to open on the weekend. Or was, before the unfortunate conflagration.

Phelps: It met with building code regulation?

Monroe: Absolutely. Only the best for our returning heroes.

Phelps: You're lying, Monroe. There's something out of kilter about that development.

Monroe: Son, I've had enough of you and your fidgety friend. There's no way in hell you can prove that my materials were inferior.

Phelps: I'm no expert, but I think we'll find that the bricks being used on those houses are undersized and the mortar is faulty.

Biggs: And there's no wall ties connecting the masonry to the frame.

Monroe: Every building is built to a budget, boys. Those buildings were inspected and fully insured by California Fire and Life. Investment of that magnitude demands it. Do you think they'd vouch for the buildings without examining them? The arsonist, do you have any suspects?

Phelps: We aren't at liberty to say.

Monroe: I didn't think so. The contractors I use for waybills, do you suppose it could be any of them? I have a list of their names if it'd be of any help.

Phelps: that would be very helpful, Mr. Monroe.

Monroe: Glad to hear it. I'm always happy to help the LAPD. My secretary will provide you with that list. Did you know that I'm on the board of the police pension fund?

Cansino: Glad to be of help, Officers.

Biggs: What's the story? Any of these names ring a bell?

Phelps: Herbert Chapman is on this list.

Biggs: Find a phone. We need to know where we're at with Chapman.

Phelps: Your boss is a fine man. Operator, give me Dispatch.

Operator: Putting you through now.

Phelps: Phelps, 1247.

Dispatch: How can I help, Detective?

Phelps: Can you check whether we are still holding a Herbert Chapman?

Dispatch: Let me find out for you. He was released this morning, Detective.

Phelps: Damn!

Dispatch: I'm sorry, Detective.

Phelps: Not your fault. Can you give me a last known address and put out an APB on the guy?

Dispatch: I'll get back to you, Detective. APB will go out over KGPL shortly.

Phelps: Thanks.

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