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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 109: "A Walk In Elysian Fields" (5 of 5)

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Walk In Elysian Fields" with this online demo.


Roy: Buy me a drink, Cole?

Cole: No.

Roy: Not even for old time's sake?

Cole: Not even for that.

Roy: You're not going to ask me why I'm here?

Cole: I wouldn't give you the pleasure. You'll get around to it.

Roy: She's in fine voice this evening. I wonder how the Commander would feel about...

Cole: Save the threats for someone who cares about them, Roy.

Roy: You're breaking my heart, Cole. You know how I feel about you...

Stay away from Elysian Fields.

Cole: I should have known that you were playing errand boy.

Roy: You and your doofus partner. You have been warned.

Cole: Thanks for your cooperation, Officer.

Roy: Stay away. You have no idea the type of people that are involved in that company.

Cole: I have a pretty good idea, Roy. The same kind of people that sent you here.

Roy: Your investigation is finished. Homicide will be taking over from here. I've heard we've had a spate of grass fires in the hills that you and that hunchback might be able to handle. Thanks for the drink, Cole.

Herschel: You get the message about Monroe?

Cole: Yeah. Earle delivered it. You?

Herschel: McKelty. He started making noises about my pension.

Cole: I'm sorry about that, Herschel. I didn't mean to drag you into this...

Herschel: Save it, Phelps. Monroe is an asswipe. And so is Earle. And so is McKelty, when it's all said and done.

Male dispatcher: KGPL calling car 11K, 11 King.

Herschel: 11K, go ahead.

Male dispatcher: 11K, last known address of suspect Herbert Chapman is 650 North Kingsley Drive, in Wilshire.

Herschel: Roger that, KGPL. 11K en route.

Cole: Let's go pick him up.

Herschel: You fought at Sugar Loaf, didn't you?

Cole: I did. But I don't like to talk about it.

Herschel: You come across a guy called Jack Kelso out that way?

Cole: You know Jack Kelso?

Herschel: He's an insurance investigator over at California Fire and Life. Our paths cross from time to time. For some reason, seeing you makes me think of him.

Cole: Has Jack spoken to you about his experiences on Sugar Loaf? Or the rest of the campaign?

Herschel: Jack keeps schtum just like you do. I know what it feels like to get back from conflict, you got to respect that. Hold it, Cole. There he is. It's Chapman, he's coming out of the laundromat. Shit, he's seen us.

Herbert: Cops. Again.

Herschel: Son of a bitch! He must have caught the trolley. We got to move fast, Cole. I'll call this in, get some cars dispatched. Car 11K calling KGPL.

Male dispatcher: Go ahead, 11K.

Herschel: 11K requesting assistance, in pursuit of suspect aboard the 1110 University streetcar, currently heading east on Melrose Avenue. Advise all units, suspect is in control of car and driving dangerously.

Male dispatcher: Roger, 11K. All units, officers need assistance on Melrose Avenue. A suspect aboard the 1110 University streetcar, headed eastbound. Approach with caution, suspect is in control of the streetcar and driving dangerously. Units to handle Code Three, identify.

Herschel: Stay on his ass, Cole. Don't lose him. Look, Cole, the side plate's gone! Get me closer, I think I've got a shot here. End of the line, you little prick. Come on, Cole. Looks like we have our man, Cole. Well done.

Cole: I'm not so sure. Chapman seemed to have his own agenda. There seems to be more to this than a personal vendetta.

Herschel: What are you talking about?

Cole: The fires benefit Elysian in some way. I don't see Chapman and Monroe working together.

Herschel: You have a point, but the evidence is good for Chapman. It's hard to be worrying about his side of the story when he's blasting away with that big .45.

Male 1: Nice work, gentlemen. You put yourself at considerable risk stopping that trolley and probably saved a lot of lives. Anyone else but you, Phelps, and you'd be up for a bravery award. We've had our eyes on that slippery son of a bitch Chapman for as long as I can remember. I couldn't be happier than to wipe him off the scoreboard. And I hope this puts to bed that crazy stuff you had going about Leland Monroe. What were you thinking, Phelps? You'll be calling Richard Nixon a crook next.

Cole: What is it?

Elsa: A letter from Lou. His insurance policy named me beneficiary.

Cole: California Fire and Life. He worked for Elysian?

Elsa: The roof that he was working on collapsed.

Cole: It's a very generous settlement. Elsa, I'd like you to do something for me. I think there's something dirty about Elysian Fields.

Elsa: What has that got to do with Lou?

Cole: I want you to reject this settlement. I want you to go and see an investigator named Jack Kelso and ask him to make some inquiries about Lou's case.

Elsa: Isn't this police work?

Cole: Do you want to find out what happened to Lou?

Elsa: Why would he help, this Kelso?

Cole: Jack won't be able to help himself if he smells a rat.

Elsa: He is a friend of yours?

Cole: He hates my guts. Elsa, you could take this money and let them get away with it. Or we could get Jack's help and do something about it.

Elsa: Why not be honest with this man, Cole? He deserves your honesty if you want his help.

Cole: Believe me, Elsa, I'd like to level with him. I really would. But it's too late... years too late.

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