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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 112: "House Of Sticks" (3 of 5)

Check out part 113 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "House Of Sticks" with this online demo.


Kelso: Hi, Mac, I work for California Fire and Life. I'm looking into an industrial accident.

Guard: Here?

Kelso: No, not here. At a housing development on Normandie Avenue.

Guard: So?

Kelso: I found some lumber over there had the Keystone name printed on it.

Guard: We've been closed since '41. Never quite made the transition to talkies. The Suburban Redevelopment Fund are pulling the place down.

Kelso: Know anything about the Suburban Redevelopment Fund?

Guard: Nix.

Kelso: Mind if I take a look around?

Guard: I'm kind of hungry. If someone was to leave a couple of bucks here. I might wander down the street and get a cup of coffee.

Kelso: Is there a key to the gate?

Guard: No. The only guys who go in or out are some delivery guys from Elysian Fields. They're working on a housing development over at Wilton and Santa Monica. You'll have to hop it.

Kelso: So this is where their lumber comes from? That's on way to keep your costs down. Too bad it won't support a roof. Got to be something else around here. Wonder what's left in the buildings.

Let's see what the rich and powerful have to say for themselves.

Man in Film 1: In a great day for the future of Los Angeles, civic leaders and businessmen join forces to launch the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. The Suburban Redevelopment Fund pledges to speed up housing development for returning GI's.

Monroe: Gentlemen, this is Doctor Harlan Fontaine. He's our latest investor in the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. Doctor, this is Curtis Benson, he's Vice President of the California Fire and Life Insurance.

Benson: Pleased to meet you, Doctor.

Monroe: Ray Gordon, the editor of the Times.

Gordon: Doctor.

Monroe: District Attorney Donald Sandler and Police Chief Worrel.

Fontaine: Gentlemen, I am delighted to be in such exalted company.

Gordon: You're making quite a name for yourself, Doctor, amongst the thespian fraternity.

Fontaine: I find that those of an artistic temperament are often of a fragile mental disposition.

Sandler: It's a short step from miscreant to recidivism, Doctor.

Fontaine: Very true, but I think we could all agree that the City of Angels does rather well basking in the reflection of the motion picture industry.

Monroe: Hear, hear. And it's something that every sucker getting off a train at Union Station wants a part of. Gentlemen, we're here to sell the American Dream, and Hollywood is our greatest advertiser.

Gordon: So how is your new development selling, Leland?

Monroe: Cannot throw them up fast enough, Ray.

Sandler: And that's part of the problem, Leland. Washington is receiving steady complaints. There's a clamor for public housing.

Monroe: Goddamn it, Ray. Public housing is tantamount to communism. That's why we fought this goddamn war. I'm telling you, it's Reds via the back door.

Gordon: You can't have it both ways, Leland. The new freeways are being built to service all your developments out in the boondocks. They're all being built with government money.

Benson: The GI Bill is government money.

Monroe: There's a difference.

Benson: What difference?

Monroe: The GI money ends up in my pocket.

Benson: I hope you mean "our" pockets, Leland. We are all investors.

Monroe: Of course, Curtis. So when will the freeway bond be passed, Donald?

Sandler: It still has to be ratified. It takes a long time to raise $3 billion.

Kelso: I need to find a gamewell or a telephone. Operator, I'd be glad if you put me through to police dispatch.

Operator: Putting you through now.

Kelso: This is Jack Kelso, investigator for California Fire and Life. Can you put me through to Curtis Benson please?

Dispatch: Just a moment please, Mr. Kelso.

Benson: Jack. How can I help?

Kelso: Do you know anything about the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, Mr. Benson?

Benson: I've heard of them, Jack. Building new homes for GIs

Kelso: With green lumber that was used on movie sets.

Benson: Jack, are you working the Buchwalter case?

Kelso: Mr. Benson, are you part of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund?

Benson: Jack, I want you to listen very clearly. Call Miss. Lichtmann. Call her as soon as you hang up. Arrange to see her tonight and get her to agree to the settlement. Do it tonight. Do you hear me?

Kelso: Yes, sir.

Benson: End of story, Jack. I don't want to hear another word about Elsa Lichtmann or Lou Buchwalter.

Kelso: Can you put me through to Michigan 221?

Operator: Putting the call through.

Lichtmann: Hello?

Kelso: Miss. Lichtmann? It's Jack Kelso.

Lichtmann: Yes, Mr. Kelso?

Kelso: I've been looking into your case.

Lichtmann: Yes, and what have you found?

Kelso: It doesn't look good. I need to see you.

Lichtmann: Meet me at the Blue Room. I work there tonight. I take a break around nine. I'll be waiting at the stage door. We can talk then. Auf Wiedershen, Mr. Kelso.

Kelso: Thank you.

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