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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 114: "House Of Sticks" (5 of 5)

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "House Of Sticks" with this online demo.


Man 1: Sure, he turned up all right. He's wishing he didn't. He's in the trunk. He's going nowhere. The boys introduced themselves. What do you want done with him, Mr. Monroe? Yeah, I know a good place. We'll pick up a shovel and a pick on the way. It's up in the hills behind Griffith Park. We'll deal with that German bitch next.

Man 2: Elsa.

Man 3: What the hell!

Man 2: Sorry, pal. Desperate times. I didn't mean for that to happen. Watch it! Hey! Where are they? Is that the last of them? So you're still carrying that Army forty five, Cole?

Elsa: For God's sake, Cole, call an ambulance.

Man 2: Satchel charges on the cave entrance from above. Covering fire on weapons team. Look for snipers in the trees. You know the drill. No risks, no heroes, no prisoners.

Hogeboom: You want some roast on this one, Sarge?

Man 2: No, you guys have done enough. Head back to Weaps. We are going to blow every cave we come across. Close them down and move on, people.

Hogeboom: Damn, I was hoping to get me a Samurai sword.

Man 4: Skipper says that Phelps is falling behind again. He's got his fire teams checking every cave. He's lost another flamethrower. He wants you to get over there and hurry them along.

Hogeboom: Hogeboom, Weapons Company.

Phelps: Sir.

Hogeboom: Sir.

Phelps: We have a major cave complex in front of us, Hogeboom. I want flamethrowers and BAR teams to clean it out.

Hogeboom: Begging your pardon, sir, but if it's a big complex, why don't we bring the Shermans in? They could pour it in there.

Phelps: We can't wait for tanks to be brought up. I'm already behind.

Man 2: Then blow the cave. No skin off our nose. Bury them in there.

Phelps: We are going in there and clearing them out. We are doing it by the numbers, Sergeant. Get your team in place, we're moving out. Mount up! First fire team and flamethrowers, head in!

Man 5: Where is he going?

Man 6: Where is who going?

Man 5: The big cowboy. He's going in.

Phelps: Who gave that order?

Man 7: You did.

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