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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 115: "A Polite Invitation" (1 of 7)

Check out part 116 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Polite Invitation" with this online demo.


Kelso: Hello, Miss Lichtmann. How long have you been sitting there?

Lichtmann: Not long, Mr. Kelso.

Kelso: You look lovely, Princess. You haven't exactly caught me at my best. It's okay, Miss Lichtmann. I'm a big boy. I know how to take my licks.

Lichtmann: Please, call me Elsa.

Kelso: Okay, Elsa. What can I do for you?

Lichtmann: I'd like to explain because I. . .

Kelso: I can join the dots, Elsa.

Lichtmann: Cole needs your help, Jack. The Police Department have frozen him out.

JaKelsock: Look you're obviously a brave lady, but you can't fight all Cole's battles for him.

Lichtmann: I just wanted to apologize for. . .

Kelso: You don't have to apologize. You were right about Elysian Fields.

Tell me something. What was Lou Buchwalter's regular job?

Lichtmann: He was a carpenter. He built sets for RKO, Warner Brothers. . .

Kelso: A set carpenter? Perfect.

If you don't mind, Elsa, I'd like to get a little rest now. I've got a lot more dots to join, and it's making my head hurt.

Lichtmann: That's perfectly understandable, Mister. . . Jack. I hope we can meet again under less dramatic circumstances.

Kelso: I hope so too, Princess. I'd like that.

Petersen: Are you Kelso?

Kelso: Who's asking?

Petersen: Petersen, Assistant DA.

Kelso: You're in the wrong building, Petersen. This is a hospital.

Petersen: A wise guy. Let me tell you a story, Kelso.

Kelso: Can I get the abridged version? My head hurts.

Peterson: You're a funny guy, Jack.

Kelso: What do you want, Petersen?

Petersen: A colorful character mentioned your name. He said that you might know something about. . .

Kelso: There's the problem with colorful characters, Petersen. First, they send you over a drink, then they buy you dinner, then you get a phone call in the middle of the night for a favor. Try rubbing shoulders with some solid citizens. They're the ones you're supposed to protect.

Petersen: You finished, Kelso?

Kelso: For the moment.

Petersen: I'm going to run for DA, Kelso. The current administration stinks.

Kelso: You want me to help.

Petersen: I'm looking for a DA's investigator. You've got a gun, and a badge, and $120 a month.

Kelso: I get $150 a month now.

Petersen: I'm going after the Vice Squad, Kelso. It's going to get me elected.

Kelso: I've got something better. How about Leland Monroe?

Petersen: The property developer?

Kelso: Do you think I fell down the stairs?

Thanks for the patch-up, Princess. Might be the only R&R I get for some time.

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