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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 116: "A Polite Invitation" (2 of 7)

Check out part 117 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Polite Invitation" with this online demo.


Jack: Remember me?

Curtis: Jack! It's good to see you. You've caught me at a slightly inopportune moment. Can we do this some other time?

Jack: Back off, Curtis. Move away from the door.

Curtis: Jack! There's no call for that.

Jack: You're smooth, Curtis, I'll give you that. You try to get me killed, and you still manage to be polite about it.

Curtis: Jack! How can you accuse me of having anything to do with that?

Jack: I want to know all about you and Monroe, Curtis. You give it up or I beat it out of you.

Curtis: Get the fuck out of here, Jack. You're fired. Who do you think you are? Get out of town now, while you still have the chance. You have no idea what kind of forces you're dealing with here.

Jack: I guess we've exhausted the passive options. Sit tight, Curtis. I'm taking a look around. To get all of the stockholders, I need to follow the paper trail.

Curtis: What exactly do you expect to find, Jack?

Jack: I knew you were in bed with Elysian, Curtis. Now I know why. I want answers, Curtis, so pay attention.

Curtis: Please, Jack. I'm not a violent man.

Jack: I don't get it, Curtis. You're Vice President of the company. Why take the risk?

Curtis: It's a simple business transaction, dear boy.

Jack: You're lying, Curtis. Something happened at the company, didn't it? That's why you took the bribe.

Curtis: Bribe? What bribe? How can you accuse me of benefiting ahead of the company?

Jack: I notice that the share certificates are in your name, Curtis, not the company's. What did you use as collateral?

Curtis: Those sons of bitches in Sacramento. They passed me over for President. Sent me here because they believed it was a backwater. But they were wrong. Los Angeles will become the capital of the West, not San Francisco. This place will be the city of the twentieth century, and I'm going to get my cut, Jack.

Jack: You're going to jail, Curtis. You and your cronies.

Curtis: We'll see about that, Jack.

Jack: Tell me about the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.

Curtis: You're talking about the future of Los Angeles. You cannot interfere with these plans.

Jack: Information, Curtis.

Curtis: Business people who have joined forces to meet the demand for new homes.

Jack: You're lying, Curtis. They're going to burn those movie sets they call houses, and you're carrying the insurance on them.

Curtis: And how do you prove that, Jack?

Jack: Rancho Escondido burnt to the ground. California Fire and Life is carrying the paper.

Curtis: Jack, the best result you could get from insurance would be replacement cost. The stakes are much, much higher.

Jack: Why the big payoff in the Buchwalter case? It was bound to bring it to attention.

Curtis: Who could have predicted this particular confluence of events? Elsa Lichtmann as the beneficiary who spurns the cash, the brilliant but flawed detective becoming her lover, and you, Jack, taking their bait.

Jack: You buy green lumber and use it to build houses. How do you expect it to end?

Curtis: Mr. Monroe has a fine reputation for building houses. What would I know about his choice of building materials?

Jack: Give me what I need or I'll beat it out of you!

Curtis: It's all there in the case file. If you know what to look for.

Jack: Very neat, Curtis. Maybe I can't work it out, but Phelps can. He may be many things, but he is one of the best detectives the LAPD has ever had.

Curtis: Your card is marked, Jack. You'll have an unfortunate accident if you don't leave town.

Jack: Your California isn't the same as mine, Mr. Benson. Not at all.

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