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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 117: "A Polite Invitation" (3 of 7)

Check out part 118 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Polite Invitation" with this online demo.


Jack: I'm just going up to my office Barty. I've got to check over some files.

Man 1: Take the elevator, first door on the right when you come out. You know the way, Kelso.

Man 2: I swear, this town is going straight to hell.

Jack: So, Curtis, what is it you don't want me to see? Thirty-four degrees, four minutes, 29 seconds north, 118 degrees, 17 minutes, 58 seconds west. There's got to be more in these files. Insured replacement value for the house is $900. Current value of the house and land is $3,500. Christ, how many of these dumps are we carrying on the books?

Woman 1: I have a Detective Phelps of the LAPD here to see you.

Jack: Have a seat, Cole. Where's the go-between? She's awful easy on the eye for a foreign girl.

Cole: Does that private dick patter actually work on anyone, Kelso? That's not your style. You were always a little more direct.

Jack: This is your dime, Officer.

Cole: Would you have helped me if I asked, Jack? A little chuck on the shoulder, shout of "Semper Fi?"

Jack: Fuck you, Cole. Be a man. Why send a woman to do your dirty work? You're a cop! Why do you want my help?

Cole: I thought a PI might be a little more discrete.

Jack: I'm no gumshoe. I used to be an investigator for this company before your investigation got me fired.

Cole: I'm sorry to hear that, Jack. I'm sorry about a lot of things.

Jack: Is that an apology, Cole?

Cole: It's a feeble attempt at one, yes. Look, Jack, it's a murder case and I need help to solve it.

Jack: So what's it got to do with Elysian Fields Developments?

Cole: They're in it somehow. Their flyers keep turning up whenever I find a domestic fire.

Jack: They're boosters. Stiffing GI's for deposits, making them wait months for throw-up house. They're already making more money than they can count. What's turned them into killers?

Cole: So you believe me?

Jack: This is why you dragged me into the Buchwalter case.

Cole: Look, Jack, I'm sorry, but if not for me, do it for some of the poor saps who are dying or some of the leathernecks who are getting grifted. How about it, Jack?

Jack: I know you, Cole. You're still beating yourself up over that medal on Sugar Loaf. The medal you think you didn't deserve, but you just don't get it. Nobody deserves a medal. It's just the ridiculous situation you find yourself in and how you react to it. You think you failed up on that hill, but courage isn't a tap you can turn on or off. Courage isn't permanent. It's a tenuous and fickle thing. Courage and cowardice exist in every man. Get over it!

Cole: You got it off your chest?

Jack: I guess I have.

Cole: Can you help me, Jack?

Jack: I'm thinking about it. The Hall of Records is the place to start.

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