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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 118: "A Polite Invitation" (4 of 7)

Check out part 119 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Polite Invitation" with this online demo.


Kelso: Hello there. The land registry office, where is it

Receptionist: Just up the stairs.

Kelso: Thanks. I'd like to see the company details of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.

Male: Certainly, sir. Just this way.

Kelso: All those Suburban sons of bitches ought to be listed in here. Courtney, for God sake. What has he got to do with this? I'd like information on a plot of land.

Male: Okay. Do you have the address?

Kelso: Not exactly. It's a new lot. I have the coordinates, 34 degrees, 4 minutes, 29 seconds north; 118 degrees, 17 minutes, 58 seconds west.

Male: All right, That makes it a bit more difficult. Come with me. I believe that is in the Wilshire area, here.

Kelso: 34 degrees, 4 minutes, 29 seconds north; 118 degrees, 17 minutes, 58 seconds west. The lot number is 1876988.

Male: Unfortunately, that is just the beginning. We have at least a million lot numbers in the Los Angeles area. The registration are in alphabetical order. You need to convert your lot number to a letter.

Kelso: How do I do that?

Male: Over here. Use this adding machine. There are 90,000 entries to a book. So divide your lot number by 90,000.

Kelso: 1876988, divided by...

Male: 90,000, yes.

Kelso: One million eight hundred seventy six thousand nine hundred and eight eight divided by ninety thousand. Twenty.

Male: A start at zeros, so you want to add one to your number.

Jack: Twenty one.

Male: That number is your letter of the alphabets. Once you have the letter, find the right aisle and you are in business.

Kelso: You do this everyday? Let's see what this site is worth to them. 1876988. The book value is $350. With the new home in place, the improved value of the property is $3,500. They can make a killing. But how do the pull it of?

Earle: Know why I plumped for the Caddy? The extra trunk space.

Kelso: One thing you learn in the war boys. You do your talking once the smoke clears.

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