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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 119: "A Polite Invitation" (5 of 7)

Check out part 120 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Polite Invitation" with this online demo.


Jack: One thing you learned in the war, boys, you do your talking once the smoke clears! Weapons on the ground! I need a word, Courtney.

Courtney: That's okay, Jack. You didn't need to come all the way down here.

Jack: It's important, Courtney.

Courtney: How can I help?

Jack: Tell me about the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. Don't fuck with me, Courtney!

Courtney: Jack, I swear. I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: How does your name appear as one of the investors in the Suburban Redevelopment Fund?

Courtney: You're out of your mind.

Jack: I was down at the Hall of Records checking on a property company called Elysian Fields Developments. Their funding comes from the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.

Courtney: Seriously, Jack, I have no idea. What are you talking about?

Jack: Your name is there, Courtney, with some pretty interesting company, the Mayor, the District Attorney, some dirty cops, and your buddy, Doctor Harlan Fontaine.

Courtney: Doctor Fontaine?

Jack: Spill it, Courtney. I want all of it, Fontaine and the rest.

Courtney: Fontaine took the morphine off our hands. Look, Jack, I know you said to get rid of it, but it's okay. I did something good for once. He reinvested the money for us. That's it. That's what's happening. They're building houses for GIs, Jack. I turned a mistake into something beneficial. Something that's going to help out the guys.

Jack: Courtney, they're building matchstick houses. They're going to burn them for the insurance money. They'll probably stiff the poor bastards for the deposits.

Courtney: Please, Jack, say it isn't so. Harlan's a doctor, a good one. He helps out a lot of people.

Jack: Looks like he's helping himself, Courtney. And you're the fall guy.

Leland: Jack Kelso?

Jack: Who's asking?

Leland: Leland Monroe.

Jack: I was wondering when you'd get around to calling.

Leland: I'd like to meet with you, Mr. Kelso.

Jack: I bet you would, Mr. Monroe, but I value my skin highly enough to not want to meet with you. Why don't you just send some more of your boys around, and we'll have a nice cup of tea?

Leland: Your realize that I could make you a very wealthy man, Mr. Kelso?

Jack: Better than $220 a month?

Leland: You're a very witty man, Kelso. Substantially better.

Jack: I'm going to have to let it slide, Mr. Monroe.

Leland: Are you haggling with me, Jack?

Jack: I might be.

Leland: Come around to my place at nine. 5164 Santa Monica Boulevard. You'll come?

Jack: I might. Good night, Mr. Monroe.

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