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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Part 129: "A Different Kind Of War" (8 of 8)

Check out this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "A Different Kind Of War" with this online demo.


Earle: We're gathered here to honor detective Cole Phelps. Cole Phelps was the best kind of man.

Bowron: Here, here.

Earle: A war hero who led his men with true valor and through his personal bravery, achieved one of his country's highest honors. A cop, wrongly accused, who never lost his faith in the LAPD and the system.

Elsa: Swine. You belittle his memory.

Kelso: Elsa.

Elsa: Get out of my way, Jack. You call yourself his friend?

Earle: A detective who fought to expose the evil corruption of the murderous Dr. Fontaine and the rapacious property tycoon Leland Monroe.

Kelso: Go to her, will you, Herschel?

Earle: A reformer who recognized his need to remove the odd bad apple...

Biggs: You were never his friend, Jack.

Earle: From a department made up of good men.

Kelso: I guess you're right. Hershel?

Earle: A man who never gave up.

Biggs: Yeah, Jack?

Earle: Who continued...

Kelso: I was never his enemy.

Earle: fight the good fight.

Biggs: I think he knew that, Jack.

Earle: The fight that cost him his own life. A good husband, a good father, and, may I say, a good friend.

Soldier 1: How about this for a headline? Guess which former Sixth Marine hero has been promoted in the LAPD?

Kelso: No Idea.

Soldier 2: Could be anybody.

Soldier 1: You give up?

Kelso: Tell us or hand over the fucking paper.

Soldier 1: The Shadow, boys. Our very own Silver Star winning son of a bitch.

Kelso: Phelps?

Soldier 1: He didn't die, Jack?

Kelso: He did just fine and that's all we're going to say about it, right?

Soldier 1: The one and only. Look at this picture. Golden boy getting his badge, wife and kids in two and looking awful humble in the process.

Kelso: We'll he's...

Soldier 2: That phony bastard.

Soldier 3: I wonder if they've been holding my job for me after all this time.

Soldier 4: What job was that?

Soldier 3: Mechanic.

Soldier 4: Ain't you seen all the war bond movies, Sarge? All the best mechanics is women. You're going to have to work as a gigolo for here on in.

Alvarro: I was a bus driver in Santa Cruz. No pictures in the papers or medals for me, though.

Soldier 3: I can't believe I just went through Pelileu and Okinawa just to go back to being a washing machine mechanic.

Soldier 1: How is it that jerks like Phelps get it all?

Sheldon: It doesn't have to be that way, guys.

Soldier 5: What are you talking about? It's always going to be that way.

Sheldon: Do you have any idea what you guys are sitting on?

Alvarro: Yeah, a ship full of Army surplus.

Sheldon: You're sitting on surplus morphine. Two tons of it. Can you imagine what that's worth on the street? Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Soldier 6: You're shitting me.

Sheldon: I'm not.

Soldier 3: You're talking about steeling it?

Sheldon: Keep your voice down. Do you want to have us all thrown in the brig?

Kelson: Goddamn it, Sheldon, you want to go into the dope business?

Sheldon: No, I want to be in the peace dividend business.

Soldier 3: What is that supposed to mean?

Sheldon: It means I want the guys who fought for a better future to get some share of it. You interested, Jack?

Soldier 4: Come on, Top, we could all get out from under.

Soldier 1: It's the chance of our lives.

Sheldon: It's everyone or no one, boys.

Kelso: I'm not having a bar of it, Courtney. You may be the bravest person I have ever met but I swear to God trouble follows you around like a pet fucking dog. I thought you wanted to try for medical school.

Sheldon: So what do you want, Jack? What's the future got in store for you?

Kelso: You guys were all heroes in the war, every single one of you. Even if your next door neighbor or our wife never know it and don't give a rats ass. Fuck Phelps and medals and citations and parades. Fuck the public who are bored with returning GIs. I have nothing but respect for what you guys and the rest of the Sixth have done. You go through with this and you'll be nothing to me.

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