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L.A. Noire Walkthrough: "The Naked City" (8 of 11)

Check out part 9 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Naked City" with this online demo.


Phelps: Nice house. LAPD, ma'am. Is Mrs. Evestrom in?

Maria: She is. Would you follow me, sir?

Mrs. Evestrom: I am Mrs. Evestrom. How may I help you?

Phelps: We appear to have recovered some stolen goods that belong to you, ma'am.

Mrs. Evestrom: Yes, of course. That terrible burglary. Would you like something to drink?

Phelps: No thank you, ma'am. We have some questions, if you don't mind?

Mrs. Evestrom: Why would I mind, young man, if you are returning 43 pieces of my property?

Earle: Okay, before we get down to that I'll have a scotch, thanks. Straight up.

Mrs. Evestrom: Maria, can you get the detective a drink, please?

Phelps: Can you describe to us what was stolen?

Mrs. Evestrom: It would be easier to describe what wasn't stolen, Detective. A priceless tiara that has been in the family for 50 years, a Fabergé cigarette case that was worth $25,000.

Phelps: Why are you lying about the value of your jewelry, Mrs. Evestrom?

Mrs. Evestrom: Who do you think you are, making heinous accusations in my own home?

Phelps: We recovered the cigarette case from a pawnbroker. No one knows the real value of an item better than those guys.

Mrs. Evestrom: I inflated its value for the insurance claim. There. Are you satisfied? My daughter's boyfriend was quite taken with the case. I think he was even more disappointed that I was when it was stolen.

Phelps: What can you tell us about the burglary?

Mrs. Evestrom: That terrible night. At least a year ago. But let's not go into that. Let's talk about what you've recovered.

Phelps: Were you in the house when the burglary took place?

Mrs. Evestrom: Good heavens, no! I was at a social function held by a Dr. Harold Stoneman and his lovely wife. I returned home and all of my things were missing.

Phelps: That's about it for now, Mrs. Evestrom. The department will get in touch, let you know how you can recover your valuables.

Mrs. Evestrom: You have only mentioned a few of the items that have been stolen, Detective. What else has been recovered?

Earle: You see, Phelps? That's why you get the drinks in early.

Swanson: Hello Mother. Hello Detectives. What is going on?

Phelps: We'd like to ask exactly the same question.

Mrs. Evestrom: You have met my daughter?

Swanson: This morning at work. Oh, Mother and Father divorced. I took my father's name.

Mrs. Evestrom: The detectives recovered some of the things that were stolen, darling.

Swanson: What did you find?

Phelps: A sapphire ring, on the corpse of Julia Randall.

Swanson: What are you talking about?

Phelps: Your engagement ring, Miss Swanson. Would you be surprised to know that it was part of the proceeds of a burglary?

Swanson: That's an outrageous allegation!

Phelps: Yes it is. I suggest we go straight to Henry Arnett's place and sort this mess out. We're missing something here. Arnett is obviously arranging the burglaries.

Swanson: That's my fiancé you're making scurrilous accusations about!

Phelps: And Randall was obviously his partner. But neither of them are the type to creep apartments.

Swanson: You're being ridiculous! Both of you! There's a very good explanation for all of this.

Earle: Put a sock in it, sister. You're being played for a patsy and you're not even smart enough to see it.

Phelps: Come on, sister. Let's find out who your fiancé really is.

Man: Welcome, sir. I'm sorry are you a resident?

Phelps: LAPD detectives. We're here to speak to Henry Arnett.

Man: Oh. Mr. Arnett. Apartment 30. You can take the lift.

Phelps: Thank you.

Earle: Well, isn't this just nice and awkward.

Phelps: Stop! LAPD!

Earle: Don't kill him, Cole! This guy is our case. Go on! Get after him!

Phelps: Put your hands in the air! Give it up! LAPD! Don't make me chase you!

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