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L.A. Noire Walkthrough: "The Naked City" (9 of 11)

Check out part 10 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "The Naked City" with this online demo.


Roy: Looks like he got you good, Phelps.

Cole Phelps: Yeah, he really packs a wallop. How did I get back here?

Roy: Under your own steam, miraculously. You came in through the window, said hello, and then keeled over.

Cole: How is Arnett?

Roy: He's coming around too. He's all hopped up, good time to get some answers.

Cole: You missing something, Henry? We know all about the jewelry ring. You, and Randall, and Leblanc, and Willy doing the legwork.

Henry: I'm in the fashion business.

Cole: You're lying, Henry.

Henry: How can you prove that I'm involved, detective?

Cole: Because you pawned a Fabergé cigarette case today for $600. A case that is on a list of stolen items.

Henry: It was Julia's idea. Get a list of society parties, and find out where and when, and then have the guests burgled. Julia was desperate for money. No matter how much we made, she always wanted more.

Cole: Why did Reade and Leblanc kill Julia Randall?

Henry: I wanted to stop, to get out of that life. I was going to marry Heather, if she'd have me. Julia told the others that they were out. That she was going to create a new gang.

Cole: You're lying, Arnett. I think you ordered them to kill her. It was made to look like suicide, and when the coroner saw through that, you knew it was time to run.

Henry: I told you, I was involved in the burglaries. I had nothing to do with Julia's death. Why would I need to run?

Cole: Have you told Miss Swanson that you're leaving for Mexico City tomorrow night? That it's a one-way ticket?

Heather: Henry? Tell me it isn't true.

Henry: I had no choice. I wanted to marry Heather. I told Julia that I wanted out, and she laughed in my face. I had to pay Willy and Jimmy a fortune to do her, and now I'm completely broke.

Roy: What you are, buster, is under arrest.

Cole: Who is Henderson, and what is his involvement?

Heather: Tell them what you know, Henry. I'll stand by you if you'll only tell the truth.

Henry: There is no Henderson.

Cole: Tell me about your first burglary, and don't lie.

Henry: I can't remember. I don't keep a list of these things.

Cole: Your first burglary was a Dr. Harold Stoneman. Do you want to explain how he is involved, or shall I?

Henry: Henderson is Stoneman. He was crazy about Julia, she could get him to do whatever she wished. He threw the parties, and we arranged the burglaries. Julia never let him touch her, she just kept him hanging on the promise. Drove the good doctor almost insane.

Cole: Henry Arnett, you are under arrest for burglary, and for the murder of Julia Randall.

Henry: Henderson is Stoneman, all right? I'm not the guy you want, go talk to the good doctor.

Roy: Oh, we will, knucklehead. Meanwhile, we're fitting you for convict stripes.

Cole: You're behind the wheel.

Roy: Fine, where are we headed?

Cole: I guess the wedding's off.

Roy: He only robbed her mother and killed her best friend, cut the guy some slack.

Cole: So how does the doctor fit in?

Roy: That's what we're about to find out. Maybe we should ask him to give you a quick once over. That meat head gave you one hell of a pasting.

Cole: I've had worse.

Roy: You should've seen yourself staggering back in there like a drunken sailor.

Cole: Next time you can take the runner, Roy.

Roy: I didn't box in the Marines, though, did I?

Cole: I should've never told you that.

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