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L.A. Noire Walkthrough: "Nicholson Electroplating" (1 of 5)

Check out part 2 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Nicholson Electroplating" with this online demo.


Biggs: Any news from Jack? There's a statewide APB out on him.

Phelps: Jack's okay. He has something up his sleeve. He's not worried about being caught.

Biggs: How do we help?

Phelps: We go after the other side of the equation. Jack has Elysian and its cronies running scared. We go after the doctor and some of the other guys.

Biggs: With the whole Department breathing down our necks.

Phelps: It's time for action, Herschel. It's time for change. Jack's crossed the Rubicon, and we have to be on the other side ready to help him.

Biggs: Christ! What was that?

Phelps: An explosion. Something big.

Biggs: You think it's the Reds? You think those Ruskie sons of bitches have dropped the H-bomb on us?

Phelps: Calm down, Herschel. We need to be ready for the call.

Biggs: I'm not waiting for an invitation. Get in the car and head for the cloud. KGPL can give us the details on the way.

KGPL: All units, all units... reports of an explosion... location... not sure of the location... it's south of Santa Monica, west of... stand by for further.

All units, car 88K reports an explosion. Downtown. Repeating.

Patrolman 1: We have looters around the corner. Cuff them or put them down. We need to get this area under control.

Phelps: You don't shoot at cops, you little prick.

Biggs: Get that bastard, Cole! Now ain't the time to be looking for a profit, asshole.

Phelps: The commander will want us at the scene. Let's go.

Biggs: Jesus, I never seen nothing like this.

Phelps: I wish I could say the same. It's like a bomb's gone off. Jesus Christ.

Pinker: You're late, Phelps. Get delayed somewhere?

Phelps: What in God's name happened here?

Pinker: It wasn't nuclear. If it was, we'd all be dead from the radiation.

Biggs: That's reassuring. What's radiation?

Carruthers: Everyone inside the factory was vaporized. I mean, look at the size of that crater.

Biggs: What's going on over there?

Pinker: The mayor is going on television, appealing for calm.

Biggs: Television. Who can afford one of those things?

Phelps: Anything to go on?

Pinker: You're looking at the remains of Nicholson Electroplating. I have an idea of what might have caused the explosion, but I'm only guessing. Have a look around the rubble. See if you come up with anything.

Biggs: World's turned upside down, Cole.

Phelps: Then it's time for us to do our jobs.

Biggs: Sweet heavens above.

Patrolman 1: Hey, Detective. I think I got something here.

Phelps: Any idea what this is?

Biggs: A very large egg cup? A Viking helmet? How would I know, Phelps? Try putting it back together.

Phelps: Looks to me like some kind of machine component. An airplane part, maybe.

Reporter: That's it, Mr. Mayor. We're wrapped.

Bowron: Well, good. Thank you very much, son. You think it went okay?

Carruthers: Phelps! I think I've found something over here.

Bowron: That maybe goes for me too, son. Should have played it a little more somber. What do you think, son?

Reporter: No, Mr. Mayor. You came across as, very resolute.

Phelps: Looks like all that's left. We can try the laundry tag.

Patrolman 2: Detective, you seen this yet? Come take a look.

Phelps: Blew the locker open, but shielded the contents. Let's see what we've got in here.

Phelps: Tomoko Okamoto. A Japanese name. Only OSS agents use these things. We'll need to get the film developed to see if there's an espionage angle. Any ideas, Herschel?

Biggs: None that I'd care to utter for public consumption. What is it?

Phelps: A substitution cipher. The Germans used them in the war. These are cipher rings.

Biggs: You know what to do with them?

Phelps: Maybe. I used them in OCS. These first letters are the cipher key. The rest of the message should align itself. It's an address. 133 North Vermont Avenue.

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